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Summary: The hottest new cosmetic surgery craze takes drab, undefined chins and gives them a powerful new look. Chin implants are the way to go in 2012.

Hot, Hot, Hot

Chin augmentations are the hottest surgery of 2012 and thousands of women are jumping on the bandwagon of “chinplants.” A beautifully defined chin can say a lot about a person, and if yours has lost definition due to aging or you never had much contour to begin with, your chin may be sending the wrong message. With the help of an implant you can fill out your face and restore it to a beautifully chiseled look. Learning more about this hot new trend in cosmetic surgery may be the key to a beautiful new you.

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Popularity Contest

One major question people are wondering is: Why chins?  Why now? An area of the face not too commonly focused on by surgeons before, patients are seeing this as the unique new trend in facial surgery. There has been a 71% increase in the popularity of chin implants over the course of the last year, and nearly 21,000 people have undergone the surgery. Doctors speculate the rise in social media and video chatting plays a part in the demand for a new chin. If you see your face on a screen all day, you may begin to realize that your chin isn’t as sharp as you want it to be. For those who come to this realization however, there is a hope.

Positive Marks

The chin implant procedure takes between 1-3 hours and has minimal recovery time. There are other positives too:

  • There is only about a 5-7% chance of infection, making it a relatively safe procedure
  • Chin implants can often times be done under a local anesthetic, decreasing your overall risk of complications
  • Most likely your incision will be made inside the lower lip or under the chin, making for discrete, unnoticeable scars.
  • A well-defined chin is associated with power and leadership. Your final look is guaranteed to give you confidence.

Natural or Not

Another reason that chin implants, and most other implants, have become so popular is that they help you improve upon an area that is unaffected by diet and exercise. Your chin is your chin, you’re either born with a great one or you need to visit a cosmetic surgeon- it’s as simple as that. It’s true that some plastic surgery trends come and go, but the “chinplant” craze seems to be sticking around.

Talk to Your Doctor Today!

If you are concerned that your jaw line isn’t as defined as you’d like it to be, discuss the chin implant procedure with your plastic surgeon. He will discuss many factors with you, such as size of implant and location of the incision. You will have a good understanding of your final results and scar placement before undergoing the procedure so that you can rest assured you are making the right decision. “Chinplants” itself may be a recent fad, but having a beautifully defined chin has been important forever. Now that there is a relatively quick and easy way to get the jawline you desire, we consider it a reason to celebrate.

Visit Chicago Facial Plastic Surgeon – Dr. Steven Dayan of SDMD to learn more about how chin implants can work in you favor.

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