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Summary: Many women are unhappy with the natural sagging and loss of volume that occurs in their breasts due to pregnancy, weight loss or just the inevitable effects of aging and gravity. For many of these women, a breast lift is an ideal way to restore a fuller, more youthful look by lifting and reshaping the existing breast tissue.

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Recent statistics show that breast lifts have increased by an astounding 70% since 2000, with over 90,000 procedures being performed in 2013 alone. While that may sound like a lot, over 290,000 patients chose breast implants last year by comparison. Here are a few reasons breast augmentation isn’t likely to be dethroned as the queen of breast enhancement procedures anytime soon.

1. Lifts Don’t Add Volume

If you’re happy with the size of your breasts but just want a perkier, more youthful placement, you may be a good candidate for a breast lift. A breast lift alters the location and shape of the breasts in two ways: excess skin, which contributes to sagging, is removed, and the underlying supportive tissues are also tightened. As a result, the entire breast is elevated and reshaped for a firmer, uplifted profile.

However, for patients who want to add more volume to the breasts, lifts will never be the answer. A lift only works with your existing breast tissue, so although the appearance of the breast can be improved with a lift, your bra size is likely to remain about the same. Breast implants are essential if you want a significant increase in cup size.

2. Lifts Require Larger Incisions

During a breast lift, an incision is made around the areola and then continues vertically down to the crease under the breast. After excess skin is removed along the incision, your surgeon will tighten the supportive tissues of the breast and, if necessary, reposition the nipple for an aesthetically pleasing look.

Breast implants, on the other hand, require much smaller incisions than a lift. Scars can be discreetly hidden in the crease underneath the breast or even disguised around the edge of the nipple and are often very difficult to detect after healing is complete.

Because there are more incisions involved in a breast lift, it’s inevitable that there will be more scarring than breast implants alone would require. Although a breast enhancement specialist will make every effort to minimize the scars, which will blend and fade over time to become hardly noticeable, some women may still feel hesitant about this possibility after breast lift surgery.

3. Sometimes a Lift Isn’t Enough

Many women notice that loss of breast volume occurs over the years, particularly in the upper portion of the breasts. While this is a very natural part of the aging process, women are often dissatisfied with the deflated appearance that this volume loss creates. As a result, fullness through the upper pole is often held as a primary goal for women considering breast enlargement surgery.

A breast lift improves the shape and placement of the natural breast, but won’t increase fullness through the upper pole. For women who are dissatisfied with sagging and loss of volume find that implants used in conjunction with a lift is often the ideal solution to enhance their figure. By combining the two procedures into one surgery, shape, size and placement can all be addressed for a beautiful final result

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