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Summary: Plastic surgeons across the country are reporting that more and more women are seeking subtle, natural-looking breast augmentation and expressing an interest in boosting their breasts by just a single cup size, instead of jumping to a D or DD. The trend toward more modest implants may be driven by a four factors in particular.

1. Today’s Women Are More Athletic

Today many women are constantly on the move and focused on healthy living and exercise. They run marathons, pedal through spin classes, take boxing lessons and try aerial yoga. Larger breast implants can get in the way and impact your enjoyment of physical activities.

An athletic woman may also have a leaner build. If this sounds like you, Dr. Meade may suggest smaller implants instead of larger ones to better complement your shape, fit your proportions and produce the most natural-looking results.

2. The Power of Celebrity Suggestion

A growing number of celebrities are having their breast implants removed or downsized, even women such as Heidi Montag and Pamela Anderson who became known for their enhanced breasts. Victoria Beckham, too, reportedly traded in her 34DD breasts for 34Bs, then later had her implants removed altogether.

Celebrities can also influence the traits that are associated with sexy, confident women. As small-breasted celebrities gain popularity, other women may see smaller breasts as attractive and opt for less voluminous implants.

3. A Natural Look

Modern women want a natural, proportionate look after breast augmentation rather than a more dramatic appearance. Larger implants can appear too obviously surgical if they aren’t scaled to work with your body.

For the best results, Dr. Meade takes your entire figure into account and bases his recommendation of breast implant size on the existing shape and size of your natural breasts. He measures the diameter of the breast base and gauges the amount of natural tissue, then opts for an implant with a slightly smaller base that your breast can easily cover to achieve the most natural results.

The same size of implant can look very different on a petite woman versus a tall woman with a broader chest. What’s modest and subtle for one woman can be dramatic and noticeable for another. This is why Dr. Meade carefully and thoughtfully personalizes the selection of breast implants to each individual.

4. Thinking about the Future

Women are also putting more thought into how their breast implants will look in the future, not just at this phase of life. Implants aren’t lifetime devices, but they should last for at least 10 years and likely longer. A voluptuous look that worked great at 20 may not fit a woman’s preferences and lifestyle at 40.

The weight of larger implants can also begin to wear on your body, impacting your posture and causing back pain after several years, and may lower the position of your breasts to the point that a breast lift is necessary to reposition them.

Seek an Expert Opinion

Picking the right breast implant size, large or small, that will help you achieve the best results is a very personal decision that shouldn’t depend entirely on today’s passing fashion trends. Instead, having an experienced plastic surgeon in your corner will guide you to an outcome that’s both flattering and timeless. This may be your first breast augmentation, but Dr. Meade has performed breast enhancement for thousands of women and has the expertise and knowledge to help you find the perfect implant size.

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