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Summary: Many women deciding to get breast implants go into the process with a certain cup size in mind as their ultimate goal. Although it’s incredibly important to consider your goals and have a clear vision of the results you’d like to achieve, focusing on a certain cup or bra size is a mistake. Here are a few reasons why cup size should not be your main focus before having a breast augmentation.

1. Bra Sizing Isn’t Consistent Across Manufacturers

Many women would agree that bras are much like blue jeans, and a certain size can fit completely differently depending on what brand or designer you try. Unfortunately, these fitting room frustrations do not go away once you get breast implants. You may wear a 34D at one store but find that you need a 36DD at another. Ultimately, liking your new breasts when you look in the mirror is more important than the letters and numbers on your bra tag, which are bound to be inconsistent anyway.

2. Same Cup Size Will Look Different on Different People

Before deciding on a breast implant size, women will sometimes focus too much on the size of implants others have chosen. For example, maybe your friend got breast implants and is now a 36C. Just because you love the way she looks, you may not find that the same cup size would be best for your body. Factors such as height, weight and body type will dramatically affect the way a certain breast size looks on different women. Be very cautious not to compare yourself too closely to others. Instead, focus on thinking about the shape and size of breasts that will make you feel sexy, confident and comfortable.

3. Take into Account Your Unique Physique

During consultation, your doctor will perform a physical exam that includes taking several measurements of your chest. The purpose is to determine the unique nuances of your frame and build in order to understand how different implants will suit your existing physique. If you have a very wide chest wall, you may be able to accommodate a wider or larger implant than women with a very narrow chest wall. Your natural breast and nipple placement will also have some bearing on the size of implant you should choose as well as implant placement.

4. Consider Your Lifestyle and Focus on Proportions

One of the biggest fears women have before breast augmentation surgery is that they will regret the implant size they choose. Going too large can leave you uncomfortable or self-conscious. Going too small can leave you disappointed and wishing for a more noticeable enhancement. You will live with your new breasts every day, so spend some time considering your lifestyle and activities and how they might be affected by larger breasts. Consider the way clothing will fit with larger breasts. Will you be comfortable with the attention you’d likely receive if you opt for large implants? Do you want people to know you’ve had an enhancement, or would you like results so subtle that friends and coworkers might not notice? These are all important questions to ask yourself.

Your goal with breast augmentation should be to feel confident about your figure and have the sexy, feminine curves you desire. The size achieves these goals will vary dramatically from woman to woman. Your surgeon will be an important ally when making the important decision of implant size. Choosing an experienced cosmetic surgeon is of the utmost importance to ensure that you’ll receiving insightful, knowledgeable advice and get the breast augmentation results you want.

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