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Summary: Although plastic surgery is typically thought of as something that women do, the number of men having cosmetic procedures is on the rise. Face lifts in particular are dramatically increasing in popularity among men who want to look more youthful and rejuvenated.

Compared to women, men aren’t typically as open in discussing or admitting the changes they make to their appearance. However, men are becoming more comfortable with the idea of using plastic surgery to boost confidence and self-esteem and put their best face forward. If you’re a man considering a facelift, here are four tips to get the best results possible.

1. Focus on Highlighting Masculine Features

Most agree that the signature hallmarks of a youthful, masculine face are a strong jaw and chiseled features, but the loss of skin firmness and volume associated with age can create a tired, saggy appearance to a man’s face. The best facelift, whether for a man or woman, highlights and enhances your appearance and makes you look like a more rested, rejuvenated version of yourself.

When it comes to facial surgery, men can sometimes be dissatisfied with the results if the face becomes feminized. This loss of masculinity in the face and neck commonly occurs when a face lift isn’t performed properly. Special care and focus must be placed on preserving and enhancing the masculine features and not producing feminine contours when lifting and tightening.

2. Proper Facelift Incision Placement

For men, discretion is usually a high priority which makes hiding the incisions and scars a main goal. For this reason, incisions are generally placed inside the ear, behind the ear or inside the hairline to minimize visibility.

With male facial surgery, the presence of hair-bearing tissue presents challenges when it comes to incision placement. Special care must be taken to avoid an unnatural placement of the sideburns or beard when the skin is tightened and relocated. For example, bearded skin that’s improperly moved inside or behind the ear can result in hair growing in those places, which can make daily grooming incredibly difficult.

3. Subtle and Natural-Looking Are the Best Goals

For men and women choosing to have a facelift, the goal should be to look younger and refreshed without looking like you’ve had work done. There are countless cautionary tales of face lifts that are too aggressive and result in a too-tight, wind-tunnel appearance. Before your surgery, carefully consider the improvement you’d like to see and spend time discussing your desired outcome with your surgeon. A prudent plastic surgeon will always err on the side of natural and subtle when it comes to facial rejuvenation to avoid an overdone, obviously-altered result.

4. Surgical Skill Is Key

In general, male facelifts are more complicated and challenging than female facelifts, and choosing the best surgeon with the right combination of skill and expertise will directly affect the quality of your results. There are many physiological differences between the faces of men and women including the thickness of the skin, larger facial dimensions, stronger ligaments and heavier necks. Additionally, the presence of facial hair must be dealt with to ensure that beards and sideburns remain in a natural location after surgery and incisions don’t interfere with hair growth.

All of these challenges require a deep understanding of the male face and experience performing male facial surgery to rejuvenate the appearance without emasculating the face. Before choosing a plastic surgeon, do your homework and ensure that he or she is board-certified and is highly-trained and experienced in performing male face lifts.

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