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Summary: Most women can detect noticeable changes in their bodies and faces after childbirth, and not all changes feel welcome. A  mommy makeover can be an excellent way to help women regain their pre-pregnancy figure and youthful appearance after they’ve had children. The best mommy makeovers should be custom-tailored for each woman based on her individual needs. Here are four ways to customize your mommy makeover for optimal results. Happy family

1. Include a Breast Lift with Your Augmentation

While adding volume to your breasts can be an excellent way to enhance your figure after childbirth, including a breast lift in the procedure may provide you with just the right balance to create the perfect profile. Since breasts often become deflated after women are finished nursing or pumping, many women turn to implants to replace lost volume. However, simply adding volume to your breasts won’t make them perkier. A breast lift can reposition the breasts higher on the torso to enhance the bust. Additionally, a lift can round out the breasts, improve texture and tighten the skin. For added convenience, a breast lift can be performed at the same time as your augmentation.

2. Don’t Forget Lipo for Fine-Tuning

Revitalizing your body shape can take more than just diet and exercise. While women should reach their goal weight prior to undergoing liposuction, this body contouring procedure can target stubborn pockets of subcutaneous fat that don’t respond to traditional weight loss methods. Liposuction is most commonly used to treat fat bulges in the abdomen, thighs and buttocks, but can be applied to almost any area of the body, including under the chin, along the upper arms and around the bra line. With or without being part of a mommy makeover, lipo can result in a more sculpted and streamlined figure.

3. Think about Facial Procedures

Many women think that a mommy makeover is only about the body, but facial procedures can often be included as well. Pregnancy and childbirth, not to mention the new experience of expanding your family, can bring out the signs of aging in your face. Consider BOTOX® Cosmetic to smooth out wrinkles, or a combination of dermal fillers and fat grafting for deeper wrinkles due to lost volume in the lips, cheeks, eyes and brows. A mommy makeover can also include minor facial procedures like eyelid surgery to revitalize your appearance for a more relaxed, alert and youthful look.

4. Choose a Skilled Surgeon

While there is no shortage of cosmetic surgeons out there, it’s important to be selective when deciding which one is right for you. When considering your mommy makeover, look for a surgeon who has extensive experience and specializes in breast and body surgery. Check into your surgeon’s background, talk with his or her previous patients and review patient before-and-after photos to help ensure that your surgeon is qualified to deliver the best possible results for your mommy makeover. Ideally, a mommy makeover should be an opportunity to work together with your surgeon in forming realistic goals, catering to your individual needs and receiving top-quality care. As rewarding as expanding your family can be, the effects pregnancy can have on your body are not always as celebrated. A mommy makeover gives women a chance to have the best of both worlds. With a customized plan and a skilled surgeon, you can once again enjoy the benefits of a younger, sexier look after completing your family.

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