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Summary: Odds are that you’ve seen a woman who has had breast enhancement but you assumed her curves were all her. You had no clue she has implants because her breasts didn’t look unnatural, overfilled or out of proportion for her figure. Breast augmentation doesn’t have to be inherently dramatic or showy, unless that’s the result you want. Many women want natural-looking results and employ these tips to meet that goal.

1. Choose Silicone Breast Implants

The majority of women seeking breast augmentation opt for silicone breast implants. Filled with a cohesive gel, silicone implants look and feel more like natural breast tissue than saline breast implants. Compared to their saline counterparts, silicone implants are also less likely to cause visible ripples or wrinkles, and therefore deliver more natural results.

For women who have a smaller amount of natural breast tissue, saline implants can sometimes be felt through the skin. Silicone breast implants, though, aren’t as discernable to the touch and create natural-looking results for thinner women with less breast tissue.

2. Pick a Modest Breast Implant Size

A modest breast implant that works with your frame and brings balance to your figure tends to look more natural than larger implants. Your plastic surgeon will take your goals, natural breast tissue and your body type into account when helping you decide on implant size.

Your surgeon will determine if your hoped-for results are realistic based on the width of your chest and by determining if you have enough breast tissue to cover the implant. You want an implant that has a base slightly smaller than your natural breast so the implant seamlessly nestles under your tissue and works with the dimensions of your chest.

Modest breast implants don’t just look more natural because of their size, but also require less breast tissue coverage to create natural-looking results. Typically, you need more breast tissue to adequately cover a larger implant.

3. Avoid High-Profile Breast Implants

High-profile breast implants, which are taller than low to moderate-profile implants, can look less natural because they add volume from your chest to your nipple instead of evenly dispersing the volume through the base of your breast. If a natural result is your goal, consider a breast implant profile with less projection. Your plastic surgeon will help you choose the breast implant profile that’s best for helping you meet your personal appearance goals.

4. Work with an Experienced Board-Certified Plastic Surgeon

Before having breast augmentation, choosing the right implant is only one of the important decisions you will make that will directly affect your results. The skill, training and experience of your plastic surgeon will greatly determine whether or not you will be happy with your new breasts, so do your research before deciding on a doctor.

A board-certified plastic surgeon has undergone years of school, training and practice and has voluntarily sought certification by passing rigorous, comprehensive written and verbal exams that cover all aspects of plastic surgery. Beyond choosing the right surgeon, communication is also key in order to make sure your surgeon understands your breast enhancement goals and the look you’d like to achieve.

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