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Summary: Anyone familiar with the E! Channel reality show “Botched” knows that horror show plastic surgery results involving massive implants and too-tight facial features aren’t something you want to deal with in your own life. While it’s easy to think it’ll never happen to you, plastic surgery decisions are complicated, and many people go under the knife misinformed about their options or with the wrong reasons guiding them.

Plastic surgery can be a great way to enhance your appearance, but to prevent yourself from ending up with a bungled boob job or worse, there are four things you’ll want to keep in mind.


1. Choose a Qualified Surgeon

Your choice of plastic surgeon will play a big part in how your results turn out. You might be under the impression that a surgeon is a surgeon and focus more on your procedure than your choice of doctor, but that misconception may cost you when surgery time rolls around.

The first step in getting the beautifully customized breast augmentation results you deserve is choosing a plastic surgeon who is board certified, ethical, and who has a good reputation in the community. If your doctor checks all those boxes, next look at some before and after photos to make sure he or she is doing the type of work you’ll be happy with. While results will always vary from person to person, the plastic surgeon you have at the helm of your procedure will greatly affect your final outcome.

2. Have Realistic Expectations

The great thing about plastic surgery is that it can help us achieve a boost in self-confidence by beautifying our appearance in ways that we can’t with other methods. The drawback here is that some people who choose to have cosmetic enhancement may have expectations for their results that simply aren’t realistic or advisable, and may not even be possible.

For example, if you want bowling ball-sized breast implants, that’s certainly your choice. But be aware that your surgeon will likely caution you against too-large breast implants if they won’t work with your anatomy, or if a larger implant size could compromise your long-term results. To make sure you aren’t a part of the next E! Channel reality series, be reasonable about your surgical goals.

3. Do It for Yourself

It’s a sad fact that many people pursue plastic surgery at the behest of others rather than doing it for themselves. Whether it’s romantic partners prodding women toward breast implants on the grounds that they’ll be more attractive, or appearance-focused careers that imply better success if only a man would schedule a quick BOTOX® session, outside pressure is never the right reason to move forward with cosmetic surgery.

Going into any cosmetic procedure when you don’t 100 percent believe that you’re making that decision for yourself is a one-way ticket to a disappointing outcome. If you aren’t sure if you really need surgery, you certainly won’t be happy with how you look when you end up getting it. Make sure that any plastic surgery decision made is made by you alone, for you alone.

4. Improvement over Perfection

There’s a common saying in plastic surgery circles that the goal should always be improvement rather than perfection. Plastic surgery can enhance your natural appearance and minimize imperfections, but trying to “fix” every little thing on your body is a slippery slope. Once you start down the path of trying to achieve an unrealistic ideal, you may wake up one day and not recognize who you see in the mirror, all the while still feeling dissatisfied with your looks.

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