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Summary: More and more women are embracing their athletic side. Whether it’s a newfound pastime or a longtime lifestyle, exercise can be hugely beneficial to your overall health and wellbeing. If you’re considering breast implants but want to keep enjoying your same physical activity level, there are a few things you’ll want to keep in mind to make sure your results match your long-term goals.

1. Consider Moderate-Sized Breast Implants

Whether you enjoy biking, running, weightlifting or yoga, it’s important to understand that your implant size could affect your athletic performance and may hinder some movements if you choose a larger size.

But that doesn’t mean that you can’t still be a great candidate for breast enhancement! It simply means you might want to consider choosing a smaller to moderate implant size. In fact, we’re seeing a trend in breast augmentation towards smaller, subtler results, which may be due, in part, to an increased focus on staying active and healthy.

2. Pay Attention to Placement

Another factor that should go into your decision is your implant placement. Because muscle performance and movement are important to athletes, you’ll want to choose the right implant placement for your body that has as little muscle interference as possible.

There are two placements to choose from: subglandular and submuscular.

  • A subglandular implant is placed under your breast tissue and over your chest muscle, which reduces muscle restriction. The best candidates for subglandular placement should have enough breast tissue to adequately cover the implants.
  •  A submuscular implant is placed either partially or entirely underneath the chest muscle, which can reduce your risk for capsular contracture and make getting a mammogram a bit easier. Many women also find that submuscular placement can result in very natural-looking results.

3. Follow a Clear Timeline for Recovery

Prior to your surgery, it’s helpful to review your recovery timeline with your cosmetic surgeon. Keep in mind that you’ll need to take some time off of your athletic pursuits while your body heals, and rushing the recovery process can hinder your results and lead to complications.

Although everyone heals differently, generally speaking, many women can return to very light activities 1 to 2 weeks after their breast augmentation. Over the next several weeks and months, you’ll be able to work with your cosmetic surgeon to gradually reintroduce more strenuous exercises into your daily routine.

4. Communicate Your Goals to Your Cosmetic Surgeon

You’ll likely have a number of important questions to ask during your breast augmentation consultation. It can also be a good idea to let your cosmetic surgeon know that you intend to maintain an active lifestyle with implants. That way, they can help you choose the implant size and placement that will best suit your needs, as well as design a surgical plan that takes into account your level of physical activity.

5. Choose an Experienced Cosmetic Surgeon

When choosing a cosmetic surgeon, first make sure that they specialize in breast augmentation and can offer the kinds of results you’re looking for. After discussing your goals with your cosmetic surgeon, ask to view before and after photos to get a sense for your prospective surgeon’s art and skill. At that point, if you feel confident with their training and experience, you can begin working towards a figure that complements your active lifestyle.

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