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Summary: As winter continues and the cold weather gets tiresome, you’re more than likely starting to look forward to the warmth of summer. Sunshine, beach days and tropical vacations, what more could you ask for? However, along with thoughts of relaxing days by the sea may also come worries about revealing a body you’re not quite happy with. Here are five cosmetic procedures that can help you feel confident and beautiful by summer.

1. Breast Enhancement

When bikini season comes around again, breasts you’re not happy with may put a bit of a downer on your summer spirits. If you’re unhappy with the size or shape of your natural breasts, breast augmentation is a cosmetic procedure that may help you in your quest to get ready for summer and all it promises.

Of course, augmentation and breast implants are not the answer for everyone and some women find that it’s actually their naturally large breasts affecting their body confidence. If that sounds all too familiar, a breast reduction may be in order before beach season.

Speak to a board-certified plastic surgeon to find out which breast enhancement option could be suitable to help you achieve your goals.

2. Tummy Tuck

Those who have lost significant amounts of weight, or women who have had multiple pregnancies and experienced the damage that can go along with it, may find themselves shying away from summer activities due to being self-conscious about loose or excess skin around the abdomen. A tummy tuck can remove this skin, or tighten loose muscles and may leave you with a flatter, more toned tummy you’ll be proud to display at the beach. Depending on your personal preference and circumstances, a tummy tuck may be combined with liposuction for optimal results.

3. CoolSculpting®

This non-surgical cosmetic procedure could help you to get ready for summer by reducing cellulite and removing stubborn fat cells, offering an alternative to liposuction. Carried out by a board-certified plastic surgeon, CoolSculpting® involves freezing fat cells to reveal a more sculpted physique. Involving no anesthesia or downtime, it’s a completely non-invasive way of shifting that stubborn fat that won’t be defeated by a healthy diet and regular exercise.

4. MicroLaserPeel

Perhaps the body part you want to alter while getting ready for summer isn’t your breasts or your abdomen, but your face. Sun damage, pigmentation, wrinkles and lines – there are a number of reasons why you may not be confident about your complexion. During your initial consultation meeting, your board-certified plastic surgeon will discuss the most suitable way of dealing with your individual facial issues, with one potential option being a MicroLaserPeel. There are a number of non-surgical facial cosmetic procedures that may be suitable as you get ready for the coming summer and your plastic surgeon can help you identify the best one for you.


Another facial cosmetic procedure which is popular among those trying to get themselves ready for summer is BOTOX®. BOTOX® can work wonders on fine lines, crow’s feet and horizontal frown lines on the forehead, meaning it may be your route to a youthful look in time for the summer. Why let some pesky wrinkles and lines get you down when the sun comes out, when a virtually pain-free cosmetic procedure can help to get rid of them?

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