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Summary: For better or for worse, many women feel that their breasts are the focal point of their figure. Those who are satisfied with their feminine assets may play up this aspect of their shape, luxuriating in their curves. On the other hand, women who are discouraged by breasts that lack volume or sag are often self-conscious about their appearance.

If you find yourself in the latter category, you may be one of thousands of women planning for a breast augmentation this year. A breast enhancement procedure can be customized according to your unique anatomy and aesthetic goals. Whether you want to improve the shape of your breasts, increase their size or rejuvenate your overall breast appearance, read on to discover the five factors that can help you achieve beautiful breast augmentation results.

1. Breast Implant Type

Breast implants are available in either saline or silicone, and each type has its advantages. Once inserted into the breast pocket, saline implants are filled with a sterile saltwater solution. This process means that the implant incision can be reasonably small, which may be a selling point for some women. Saline implants are uniformly round, and in the unlikely event of a leak, it’s immediately evident and the solution is harmlessly absorbed by the body.

Silicone implants are made of a cohesive silicone gel which resembles both the look and feel of human tissue.

These popular implants can be round or teardrop shaped, and silicone implants are celebrated for their natural look and feel. A board-certified plastic surgeon can help you determine which implant material is best-suited to your needs and goals.

2. Breast Implant Placement

You have two options when it comes to where your plastic surgeon places your breast implant. Subglandular placement means the implant is put just below the skin and breast gland but above the pectoral muscle. With submuscular placement, the implant is placed below the skin, gland and muscle.

Subglandular placement may be the preferred option for women who would like a subtle lift from their breast implant. Women who lift weights or are very active with their upper body would also be better off with subglandular implant placement. Meanwhile, women who are very thin can benefit from submuscular placement, as the implant has better coverage and less chance of rippling.

3. Breast Implant Size

It’s a common misconception that breast augmentation results in big, fake looking breasts. Increasingly, women are opting for small to moderately-sized breast implants for a subtle look. With a wide range of breast implant sizes available, there’s something for every woman. Your plastic surgeon will measure the dimensions of your chest and torso and evaluate your unique anatomy to assist you in choosing the best breast implants for you.

4. Scar Placement

You have a choice when it comes to where your breast implant incisions are. Most breast augmentations are done either with an inframammary incision, made under the breast crease, or with a peri-areolar incision, through the nipple. In some cases, it may be an option to have your breast implant incisions made through the armpit. Be sure to discuss the advantages of each incision type with your plastic surgeon.

5. Do You Need a Lift?

Breast implants can add volume but they can’t correct sagging. For women with drooping breasts, including a breast lift with a breast augmentation can restore the breasts to a more youthful position for a rejuvenating effect.

Carefully selecting from each of these five factors to customize your procedure can help to ensure you enjoy beautiful breast augmentation results.

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