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Summary: These five hot cosmetic surgery procedures have been on our radar for some time. And it won’t be shocking if they remain popular in the future, too. So what are our top five hot cosmetic procedures? And why do they rank so highly? Well, you’ll just have to keep reading to find out.

The Five Hot Cosmetic Surgery Procedures You Should Know

If there’s one thing cosmetic surgery can be relied on to do, it’s introduce new and innovative procedures. Sometimes those trendy procedures don’t always stay hot. In other cases, though, a procedure can stay hot for decades. That’s why today we’re talking about the five hottest cosmetic surgery procedures on the market.

These procedures won’t necessarily be for everyone. And you should never make a decision about what procedure you want based on its popularity. But it is helpful to know which procedures are out there and available. The hottest procedure (on a personal level) will always be the one that works for you and your body.

#1: Botox

Ah, yes, Botox. Now, it’s kind of strange to call Botox a “hot” procedure. We usually associate any kind of trendiness with a similar amount of “newness.” But… Botox isn’t all that new. It’s now been serving cosmetic surgery needs for years. So how can it still be one of our top five hot cosmetic surgery procedures?

Well, because it’s still amazingly popular is why. Botox is the single most popular cosmetic surgery treatment on the planet, addressing lines, wrinkles, and even migraines for millions of people. It doesn’t get much hotter than that.

#2: Microneedling

Sometimes coupled with PRP treatments, Microneedling is a great way to help your skin look more youthful. This procedure is on our “hot” list because it’s still quite popular. But also because it’s really clever. Microneedling tricks your body’s repair response into rejuvenation instead. That means, a few days after the procedure, you’ll start to notice that your skin appears more radiant.

Microneedling treatments, such as SkinPen, are an excellent way to get rid of fine lines and acne scars.

#3: Kybella

Okay, we all saw Kybella showing up on this list, didn’t we? Kybella is an injectable that can melt away fat. How can that not be on our list? True, Kybella is only FDA approved for the treatment of one particular area of the face: the jawline. But that happens to address a persistent problem for many people. Kybella can get rid of the double chin.

If you can get rid of fat using little more than an injection, how is that not going to show up on our hot procedures list? Kybella looks (and feels) like it will continue making waves for years to come.

#4: Dermal Fillers

Okay, okay, this is kind of a cop out. I get it. Dermal fillers comprise a wide variety of injectable solutions, from Juvederm to Voluma to Radiesse and everything in between. It’s a crowded marketplace! But here’s the thing: dermal fillers are immensely popular (trailing only behind Botox, in some cases). And they’re used for all kinds of things.

It’s not just about getting rid of wrinkles anymore. If you want a non surgical eyelid lift or nose job, for example, dermal fillers are often employed to do just that.

#5: Hydrafacial

Rounding out our top five procedures is a facial peel called Hydrafacial. This peel option quickly became one of the most popular in the nation, mostly due to the fact that it employed a fluid solution rather than friction. This means your skin feels good after Hydrafacial, rather than dried out, as it might with other peels.

In other words, Hydrafacial is good for your skin and feels good afterwards. That’s a winning combination. These five procedures together are certainly setting trends. And it’s likely they’ll stay hot for some time to come. But it’s also important to remember: what’s most important is what’s “hot” to you.

About the Author: Dan Voltz has been writing about plastic and cosmetic surgery for nearly five years. He’s always in touch with surgeons to ensure he has the latest and most up to date information possible.

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