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Preparing for your breast augmentation procedure can be an exciting time, and working closely with your cosmetic surgeon can help to ensure that you have the best possible experience with your surgery and outcome. Whether you’re concerned about choosing the right breast implant to fit your body or how to properly care for yourself after your procedure, your cosmetic surgeon is there to assist you every step of the way. Let’s look at five important ways you can prepare for your breast implants.

1. Work with an Experienced Cosmetic Surgeon

One of the most important steps in beginning your breast augmentation process is to choose an experienced cosmetic surgeon whom you can trust. When shopping around for a great cosmetic surgeon, do your research. Don’t be afraid to make a few phone calls or even schedule multiple consultations with different surgeons. You should choose a surgeon with whom you feel completely comfortable and who has considerable experience performing breast augmentation.

2. Choose the Right Implant Size

The right breast implant size for your body depends on a combination of your natural anatomy and your goal look. The best breast augmentation results are usually seen in women who aim for a proportionate implant size. Whether you want a larger, more dramatic look or a natural-looking, subtle enhancement, implant profile plays as much of a role as implant size in accomplishing your appearance goals. Try on implant sizers to get a feel for how different breast implants will look on your body and ask your surgeon for a recommendation.

3. Customize Your Breast Augmentation Plan

Because every woman’s body is different, every woman’s breast augmentation plan will be a bit different, too. Knowing exactly what you want and clearly communicating that with your surgeon can help you get the best results. Even if you’ve already decided on an implant size, it might also be a good idea to discuss a combination breast lift and augmentation with your surgeon, since some women would need a breast lift in addition to the breast augmentation to achieve the best aesthetic look. Those interested in an alternative to breast implants may wish to consider fat transfer breast augmentation for a more natural option.

4. Have Realistic Expectations about Your Results

It’s important to keep in mind that while breast enlargement can nicely enhance your natural body type, it shouldn’t be thought of as a “quick fix.” If you’re self-conscious about your breast size or shape, or if your breasts have changed due to weight loss or pregnancy, you may be a great candidate for breast augmentation, as long as you maintain realistic expectations throughout the process. Another thing to keep in mind is that breast augmentation is a medical procedure, so it’s important that you’re fully committed to following your cosmetic surgeon’s instructions to properly prepare yourself for your surgery and your recovery. Women are extremely happy with their breast augmentation results as long as they work with an experienced cosmetic surgeon and have a discussion about their desired look and what they can expect from the procedure.

5. Give Yourself a Relaxing Recovery

Just as you would allow yourself plenty of recovery time from any other medical procedure, you’ll want to be sure to schedule enough time off of work and from other demanding duties to safely recover from your breast augmentation. Make sure you arrange for someone to help you with tasks like childcare, laundry and other activities that require lifting. It’s also recommended that you adequately prepare for your recovery period prior to your surgery, which can help to make your recovery as relaxing and stress-free as possible. This can include things like grocery shopping in advance, making your bed up with fresh linens and putting items like toilet paper and medications within easy reach.

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