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Summary: Abdominoplasty is one of the most popular cosmetic procedures, yet it’s also one of the most misunderstood. There are many common myths about tummy tucks that are generally believed to be true. Let’s dispel some of those misconceptions and get the real “skinny” on tummy tucks.

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1. Tummy Tucks Help You Lose Weight

One of the most important factors for patient satisfaction following a tummy tuck is whether or not there are realistic expectations in place ahead of time. If men or women go into a tummy tuck consultation expecting to hear that the procedure will get rid of their excess weight, they’ll be greatly disappointed. A tummy tuck is not a way to achieve weight loss. However, abdominoplasty is an ideal post-weight loss procedure because the removal of excess skin and tightening of muscles will accentuate your slimmer lines.

2. Tummy Tucks Eliminate Stretch Marks

This myth falls somewhat in a gray area. The answer on whether or not a tummy tuck can eliminate stretch marks is, “It depends.” Stretch marks can only be removed by a tummy tuck if they are located on the portion of skin that will be excised during the procedure, typically below the navel. If the stretch marks are on a portion of the abdominal skin that will remain after surgery, there’s a chance they may become less noticeable, even though they won’t be removed completely.

Again, realistic expectations are very important. If stretch marks are of concern to you, it’s important to discuss this with your surgeon, along with whether you can expect your surgery to remove or improve them.

3. You Can’t Have Children after a Tummy Tuck

Women can absolutely have another child after a tummy tuck. However, plastic surgeons generally advise their patients to wait until they are done having children in order to better ensure patient satisfaction.

If a woman becomes pregnant after a tummy tuck, the stomach skin and the abdominal muscles that were repaired during the procedure will be stretched again. Patients could find that their results were undone by their pregnancy, potentially necessitating a secondary procedure to be satisfied with their midsection again.

4. You Can’t Combine Lipo with a Tummy Tuck

This myth couldn’t be more inaccurate. Not only can lipo and a tummy tuck be performed in one procedure, lipo is the secret ingredient for patients who want exceptional tummy tuck results. Combining lipo with a tummy tuck gives your surgeon an enhanced range of artistic ability and precision in creating your new figure. After removing the excess skin and tissue, lipo targets specific problem areas that a tummy tuck can’t address.

My exclusive C.L.A.S.S.® tummy tuck combines these two procedures. The result is a comprehensive surgery that can dramatically improve abdominal contours and deliver very natural-looking results.

5. You Will Need Drains after a Tummy Tuck

Many people have shied away from a tummy tuck because they think post-surgical drains are a must. However, some techniques, like my C.L.A.S.S.® tummy tuck, eliminate the need for messy, uncomfortable post-op drains. By taking a different surgical approach, I can minimize the accumulation of excess fluid that typically occurs after a tummy tuck. Quite simply, when there’s no fluid to drain, drains aren’t required, allowing you to enjoy a more pleasant and comfortable recovery.

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