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Summary: We all want to look and feel our best, and often that means finding a way to age as gracefully as possible. Many people find that a combination of surgical and nonsurgical rejuvenation can help them look younger and radiant at any age. Here are the top five facial cosmetic treatments at my practice.

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BOTOX® and Fillers

Often, a patient’s first foray into cosmetic procedures is scheduling his or her very first appointment for BOTOX® or dermal fillers (or both), and with good reason. These injectables offer a reasonably priced alternative to surgery without any incisions or downtime. With BOTOX®, I can help my patients erase vertical frown lines between the brows as well as crow’s feet that betray your age when you smile, improving existing wrinkles while slowing their deepening and progression. Fillers, including fat transfer, can improve specific concerns (like laugh lines) or restore volume to gaunt cheeks and temples for a more youthful fullness.


I often recommend Ultherapy® for my patients who are concerned with early signs of aging. The subtle changes that result in a mature appearance are often due to loosening and descent of the tissues deep to the skin (SMAS), rather than the skin itself.

Ultherapy® uses targeted ultrasonic energy to lift and tighten the layers of supportive tissue in the face known as the SMAS. This is actually one of the same areas I focus on during a surgical facelift, only Ultherapy® is completely noninvasive. One treatment is often enough to stimulate collagen production and lift facial tissues for a smoother, firmer look, but sometimes I recommend a second treatment for more impressive results. Ultherapy® is ideal for my patients who are still a bit young for a facelift but still have concerns about early signs of aging, or for those who have already had a facelift and just want a “touch-up”.

Eyelid Surgery

When thinking about facial rejuvenation, many patients make the assumption that “surgery” always means “facelift.” In reality, though, I rarely suggest a facelift as the first line of defense against aging, especially because other areas of the face may show aging sooner than the jawline and cheeks. One example is eyelid surgery.

There are a lot of myths surrounding eyelid surgery, such as the assumption that only older men and women can benefit. Yet, eyelid surgery can actually be a good choice for patients under the age of 50 who wish to correct saggy lids and remove puffy bags from below the eye for an alert, refreshed look.

Brow Lift

This image shows the positive effect that a brow lift can have on your resting facial expression.

Often performed in combination with eyelid surgery, a brow lift is another procedure I can use to help men and women look younger and more vibrant. The brows drop gradually with age, and can end up overshadowing your eyes. This can give you the look of being permanently stressed, angry or tired. With a brow lift, I can restore the natural arch to a sagging brow area for a subtly rejuvenated result.


With so many available alternatives to a traditional facelift, more of my patients are trying noninvasive procedures first before moving on to surgeries such as blepharoplasty or a brow lift. Only when visible jowling and skin laxity cannot be sufficiently improved through nonsurgical treatments do I suggest a facelift. A facelift improves more advanced signs of aging through the lower face and upper neck by surgically lifting and tightening the supportive tissue and muscles for very natural-looking results.

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