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Summary: When you think of breast implants, very large, dramatic results might be the first image that comes to mind. While this type of breast enhancement certainly still exists, smaller, more subtle implants are lately becoming more and more popular. Of course, there’s no such thing as a one-size-fits-all breast augmentation, but in general, more women are choosing smaller breast implant sizes for a few different reasons.

1. Offers a Natural Result

Not everyone wants a dramatic, Jessica Rabbit-like look when they opt for breast augmentation. In fact, the trend toward a modest boost in volume that offers a very natural-looking result is becoming the norm. Although the stigma surrounding plastic surgery in general is lessening, not every woman wants to look visibly augmented. Smaller breast implants can help ensure a less obvious, more flattering final result.

2. Can Be More Appropriate to Your Figure

When it comes to choosing the right size breast implants for your figure, don’t lose sight of the fact that the best breast enhancement results should highlight your body’s natural proportions, not overwhelm your frame. This is why more women benefit from a moderate volume increase, which can have the effect of actually complementing your curves instead of throwing them out of whack.

3. Ideal for Athletic Women

As a society, we’re beginning to place a much larger importance on leading healthy, active lives than may have been the case in years prior. Because of this, women who are thinking about breast augmentation need to take into consideration their level of physical activity when choosing the right size for them. Larger implants can hinder your athletic capability and may keep you from performing as well or as easily as you used to. With smaller implants, you can enjoy the benefits of breast augmentation while still being able to run, swim and play sports as much as you like.

4. They Don’t Get in the Way

Not only can a more pronounced breast enlargement get in the way of athletics, but it might also keep you from fully enjoying other aspects of life as well. From limiting the clothes you’re able to wear to bothering you at work and all of your daily activities in between, dramatically large implants could put a damper on some of things that you hadn’t considered.

5. Longer-Lasting Results

While no breast implants are meant to last forever, larger implants will often require revision surgery sooner than their smaller counterparts, as the effects of gravity will naturally be accelerated with the heavier implant. Keep in mind that this doesn’t mean that smaller implants won’t ever need a touch-up, but your results do tend to look perkier for longer than much larger sizes.

The Perfect Breast Implant Size

Although there are plenty of reasons why you may want to consider reining in your breast implant size to something more manageable, every woman’s body is different, so every breast enlargement will be unique as well. The best way to pick the right size for your figure is to work with a board certified plastic surgeon who will be able to provide professional advice on how various breast implants might look on your body while perfectly complementing your frame and your lifestyle for the best possible outcome.

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