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Summary: Once you have decided to have breast augmentation, one of the most important choices you will make is which type of implant to use. There are benefits to both saline and silicone, which can make it difficult to determine which option is best suited to you. Still, silicone is becoming the standard for breast augmentation. Well over 60% of breast augmentation patients choose silicone. Let’s look at five reasons why so many women select silicone implants.

1. Natural Look

Silicone implants are made using a soft silicone shell that is filled with silicone gel. The gel is a thick, viscous fluid, with a texture that’s very similar to natural fat tissue. Once placed inside the breast pocket, these implants look and feel a lot like a natural breast. Silicone implants’ natural appearance is one trait that makes them such a popular choice for women.

2. Natural Feel

You want your breasts to look real, but augmentation isn’t only about presentation. Equally important to how your implants look is how they feel, and silicone breast implants have a convincingly supple texture. Boasting a more natural feel than their saline counterparts, silicone implants are particularly favored for women who have smaller breasts, because though saline implants are often noticeable in patients with very little breast tissue, silicone breast implants can be virtually undetectable.

3. Natural Shape

One of the recent innovations in silicone breast implant technology is the gummy bear implant, which is also called the form stable implant. Designed to match the natural shape of the breast, the gummy bear is shaped like a teardrop and is made with a slightly firmer type of silicone gel. Unlike the roundness of saline implants, the gummy bear offers more fullness at the lower pole of the breast.

4. Lower Chances of Rippling

Breast implant rippling or wrinkling can occur when folds of the implant are visible through the skin. This phenomenon is a common concern when considering breast implants, which is why it’s not surprising that many women opt for silicone implants. Chances of rippling are much lower with the silicone implant due to its cohesive, thick structure of both shell and gel. The saline solution that fills saline implants, however, is liquid, which has a greater tendency to result in undesirable rippling.

5. No Risk of Silicone Implants Immediately Deflating

You may have heard that one of possible side effects of implants is leakage. The good news is that, in the unlikely event of an implant shell leak or breach, silicone implants won’t immediately deflate like saline implants do. This is because of the implant’s composition: silicone gel remains trapped in the capsule that’s formed around the implant. Still, a ruptured silicone implant will need to be replaced, and it’s important to follow the recommended schedule of periodic screenings to detect for ruptures or changes to your silicone implants.

With a more natural look and feel, a realistic shape, and a reduced chance of rippling, it’s no wonder that so many women choose silicone to flatter their figure.

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