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Summary: Every spring, we promise ourselves we’ll be ready to rock swimsuit season. Of course, we don’t always come through. Sometimes shedding those last few pounds or getting that toned look you want feels like trying to swim through mud. The good news is there’s still plenty of time to get yourself in top form by swimsuit season.

Here are 5 ways to fast-track your way to a slimmer silhouette by summertime.

1. Liposuction to Trim the Fat

Liposuction is the go-to swimsuit season body contouring procedure. Lipo has come a long way and if you haven’t looked into it lately, you might be surprised at how liposuction can help you sculpt your waist (and elsewhere!) and get you in top swimsuit form by summertime. If bumps and bulges around your midsection keep you from feeling confident in a bathing suit, talk to a cosmetic surgeon who offers  360-degree liposuction. What’s 360-degree lipo? Like the name implies, it’s a procedure that aims to remove fat all the way around your midsection.

2. Say Goodbye to Saggy Skin with a Tummy Tuck

Maybe your reason for feeling bashful at the pool has to do with extra skin you’re carrying around your belly. It can cause your clothes to be uncomfortable and for you to appear heavier than you actually are. A tummy tuck can rid you of this excess skin. A skilled and experienced cosmetic surgeon can even repair diastasis recti, which is when your abdominal muscles become separated, causing your stomach to look (and even feel) pouchy and loose.

Whether it’s from losing weight, carrying children or just natural aging, saggy skin can make you feel self-conscious.

3. Breast Augmentation for Better Proportions

Breast augmentation for a sleeker shape? Yes! Sometimes the reason someone doesn’t feel gorgeous in their bathing suit is because of proportion. If you have ample hips or thick legs with a smaller chest, consider having breast augmentation to help you achieve that hourglass figure that will be the envy of the beach.

4. Go Brazilian

We’re not talking about waxing. The Brazilian butt lift is a revolutionary procedure during which your cosmetic surgeon will harvest fat from your body and relocate it to your buttocks. Getting a BBL can dramatically change the shape and proportions of your body, giving you gorgeous curves that will definitely look great in your swimsuit — and in everything else you wear.

5. Body Contouring: Not Just for the Ladies

Let’s not forget about the men who might feel less than confident during swimsuit season. Going bare-chested can be an anxiety-inducing experience if a guy doesn’t feel good about his body. Men can feel self-conscious for many of the same reasons women do. Fat deposits and sagging skin are among the top concerns men have about their bodies as they age. Another concern that is exclusive to males is gynecomastia, or “man boobs.” This condition can be treated with a simple reduction procedure that can reduce the size of the male breasts and reshape the chest for a more masculine look.

If you decide to have body contouring procedures, do it now and you’ll be healed up and ready to show off your great new shape by swimsuit season. Play your cards right, and your body contouring results will last a lifetime.

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