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Summary: Finding the right surgeon to perform your breast augmentation can be a daunting process. You might have received a recommendation from a trusted friend, looked at countless reviews on the web or you may have found a surgeon on your own. Although reviews and recommendations are a great place to start, breast augmentation is a very personal decision, so you must be absolutely comfortable with the surgeon you choose. How can you know if your cosmetic surgeon is “the one?”

1. Feeling at Ease

The first sign of a good surgeon is one who makes you feel comfortable during the initial consultation. Intuition is a very powerful tool that shouldn’t be ignored during the decision-making process.

During your first meeting, your surgeon will want to know your expectations, desired outcomes, drug allergies, previous medical treatments, current medications and your family medical history. Most importantly, your surgeon should ask you what other questions you may have about your breast augmentation. Your prospective surgeon should not make you feel rushed, should not make you feel uneasy in any way and should not push you to other procedures or bigger results than you’re looking to attain.

2. 3D Imaging

When visiting your cosmetic surgeon for the first time, your experience should begin with 3D simulation software to provide a basis for your breast enlargement plan. Not only will you get a 3D image of your existing body shape, but you and your cosmetic surgeon can then go through the software program and get a visual representation of what to expect when choosing different breast implant sizes. You’ll be able to experiment with different looks until you settle on the one you want. Since you’ve already seen the outcome on the 3D imaging, you’ll know better what to expect from your final results.

3. Training and Experience

Your surgeon should have extensive training and experience. If your surgeon is not upfront with the amount of training and experience he or she has performing breast augmentation procedures, make sure to ask during your initial consultation. You should also ensure that your cosmetic surgeon is board certified and has specific fellowship training in cosmetic surgery, including a focus on breast enhancement procedures. It’s essential to feel confident in your surgeon’s expertise before committing.

4. The Before and After

During your initial consultation or shortly thereafter, your cosmetic surgeon should go over before-and-after photos of actual patients from his or her practice. There are a number of things to look for when looking at before-and-after photos:

  • Ensure that the “after” pictures are similar to the look you want
  • Ensure that the results are symmetrical
  • Look for women with “before” images that are similar to your pre-augmentation figure so you’re seeing examples that are the most comparable to your likely outcome

Remember that although these photos should represent a range of typical results, not every woman who has breast augmentation will achieve exactly the same outcome.

5. Customized Results

Your surgeon should focus on customized results. During your consultation, your cosmetic surgeon should make you feel that he or she isn’t taking a cookie-cutter approach to the procedure. Your cosmetic surgeon should ask very precise questions to ensure that you are getting the exact, customized results that you want and expect. If you feel like your breast augmentation surgeon is not listening to each of your concerns or your expected outcome, and is not tailoring the procedure precisely to you, then you should find a different cosmetic surgery practice.

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