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Summary: Thinking of giving plastic surgery to your significant other this Valentine’s Day? Your loving gesture could be well-received, or it could get you into some serious hot water. Some people would absolutely love to be given the plastic surgery procedure they’ve been wanting while others might be downright insulted at the suggestion. Follow these five tips to avoid plastic surgery gifting snafus.

1. If They’ve Never Mentioned Plastic Surgery, Don’t Give It to Them

Your good intentions in giving plastic surgery can go bad really quickly if you offer plastic surgery to someone who has never expressed a desire to have it. Think about it. If you tell your loved one that you’re paying to get them breast augmentation without being really sure they actually want breast augmentation, you’ll probably just end up hurting their feelings.

If words of desire regarding plastic surgery have never crossed your lover’s lips, don’t be the one to bring it up (much less assume they want to have it done). However well-intentioned, suggesting plastic surgery to someone who wasn’t already considering it usually doesn’t turn out so great.

2. Giving Plastic Surgery Is Okay as Long as You Know They Want It

If your loved one has mentioned a particular procedure they’d like to have on more than one occasion, it’s a pretty good indicator that gifting said procedure would go over well. Of course, some people may talk about having plastic surgery without being too sure if they’d actually want to have it. This is why it’s a good idea to only consider giving plastic surgery to someone you know well enough to be sure of whether they really want it. Besides, it might come across as a little strange to suggest such a thing while in the early stages of a relationship.

If you aren’t sure about giving plastic surgery to someone, err on the side of caution and hold off.

3. Do Your Homework When It Comes to Surgeons

If you decide to go ahead with giving plastic surgery this Valentine’s Day, be diligent in researching potential plastic surgeons. Look for board-certified plastic surgeons who have a lot of experience doing the procedure in question and check online for ratings and reviews posted by former patients. Find someone who operates only in accredited facilities and who is open and honest about their practice and about the procedure.

4. Don’t Schedule Surgery in Secret

While it’s fine to book a plastic surgery consultation for your loved one with a surgeon you have thoroughly researched, it’s never a good idea to schedule surgery without the person knowing about it. First, they may not think the best plastic surgeon for them is the one you have selected. Second, they might feel cornered or as if you’re forcing them to have something done. Let them decide on a surgery date that works with their schedule and future plans.

5. Give Them Something You Already Know They Love

If your loved one regularly (and openly) has a medical spa treatment, such as BOTOX®, getting them a gift card for more is probably a safe bet. Just be sure to get your gift card from a reputable med spa, preferably run by a board-certified plastic surgeon. If your dear one loves the results they get from a certain place, you should probably purchase any gift certificates or cards from there.

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