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Summary: While an obviously augmented, high-profile look was once popular among women with breast augmentation, these days, women seeking augmentation tend to look for a more subtly enhanced appearance. With modern advancements in implant technique and technology, natural-looking breast augmentation results are now more achievable than ever before. Here are five tips for getting the most natural results from your breast augmentation.

1. Take Time to Choose the Right Surgeon

So many plastic surgeons offer breast augmentation that choosing the right one may seem like a daunting task. While it may be easy for candidates to assume that all surgeons offering the procedure are equally capable of delivering great results, this is simply not the case.

Instead, women interested in breast augmentation should take the time to look into their surgeon’s background before settling on him or her for surgery. Look for board certification, as well as extensive experience specifically in breast augmentation. You can also view real before-and-after patient photos to see if the surgeon is capable of the results you’re looking for.

2. Use 3D Imaging to Visualize Your Results

Vectra 3D Imaging used in breast augmentation now allows patients to visualize different options before surgery even begins. Because patients can view their virtual ‘results’ from all angles, 3D imaging has become a powerful tool in helping patients make decisions about whether to follow through with cosmetic surgery and which approach to take. 3D Imaging can offer an excellent way of helping you decide on implant size, type and profile.

3. Pick Proportionate Implant Size

While you can have a certain degree of freedom when it comes to deciding on your implant size, the most natural-looking results are often seen in patients who consider their natural anatomy when choosing their implants. Women with naturally small breasts and a petite build may not look proportionate with very large implants, but could achieve beautiful results with a more moderate size. Alternatively, women who are taller or have a larger frame may need higher volume implants to achieve even a modest boost in size.

4. Learn about How Implant Profile Affects the Final Look

Implant profile refers to the degree of projection from the chest wall. An implant can have a wide base at the chest wall and a low amount of projection from the chest, while another implant of the same volume can have a smaller base and a high level of projection.

Profile is best chosen based on your natural breast shape and the shape of your chest, and come in a range of sizes to accommodate nearly every body type. Women with very narrow chests may do well with high-profile implants, whereas women with wider chests might benefit more from low-profile implants. Keep in mind that low-profile doesn’t necessarily mean less noticeable results. You can always increase volume if you’re worried about not having enough of a size increase.

5. Opt for Silicone over Saline

Silicone is the most popular implant used today, and for good reason. While either silicone or saline implants can create a beautiful look in the right patients, the majority of breast augmentation patients feel that silicone implants create more a natural-looking breast augmentation. The texture of the silicone gel filling is designed to mimic the texture of natural breast tissue as closely as possible, while silicone implants also come with a decreased chance of rippling. If you think you might prefer saline implants over silicone, ask your surgeon about the advantages of each and whether you might be a candidate for natural results with saline implants.

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