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One of the main aspects that you may be fearful about when going through surgery is how you’re going to recover after it. You can feel lethargic and tiresome making it an extremely stressful period as you aim to get better. For many, it can be frustrating to rest for long periods and you may be looking for ways to help you recover faster. Luckily, there are methods alternative to what your surgeon would normally recommend as a standard. Here are 5 tips that can help you towards surgical recovery.

1. Follow what your surgeon tells you

First things first. Although this list advises on ways that can help your surgery alternative to what doctors advise, it’s still important that you follow what they recommend. Following the basic recovery tips will provide a better platform for when you wish to pick up the pace for your recovery. You’d need to follow these tips for at least a week as your wounds will feel quite raw. Simple things such as keeping the wounds dry and no heavy lifting are a no-brainer so make sure that you follow these at the beginning so it doesn’t effect you in the long term

2. Prevent infection

There’s always a sense of curiosity that you have when you have a part of your body that’s covered up and you’re not sure what it looks like. As a result, you end up messing about with the bandages and touching it regularly. However, you should look to avoid doing this as it’s an easy method to cause infection which will delay your recovery. If you really feel the need to touch your incision for whatever reason, wash your hands thoroughly beforehand to prevent infection.

3. Consider health supplements

If you feel that you’re simply not recovering efficiently through natural methods, you do have the option to use supplements that can provide you with the energy that you need. Just be sure to check with your doctor first as supplements that you’re not familiar with could interfere with the results of your procedure. Examples of useful health supplements can include examples such as high strength fish oil, magnesium tablets and vitamin C supplements.

4. Keep relatively active

At the beginning of your surgery, it would be recommended to rest up as much as possible and try not to move too much. This could potentially impact the results of your surgery. However, it’s still important that you remain mobile to prevent yourself from stiffening up and having problems maneuvering in the near future. After a week or so of rest, start having regular walks outside so that you’re keeping active and blood still flows around your body. Then, you can gradually increase the intensity as time goes on – start to light jog, perform low intensity stretching etc.

5. Drink and eat properly

You may not feel it’s not a big factor, but what you eat and drink can seriously influence how well you recover from your surgical procedure. At first, you may feel rather constipated and nauseous shortly after surgery but the most important this is to stay hydrated and eat a healthy, balanced diet. In doing so it can help to promote healing and prevent complications that can happen often shortly after surgery.

Final Thoughts

Recovering from surgery will only be complicated if you make it complicated. You just require patience and willingness to keep to a strict routine to help your recovery. These methods can be easy to follow to give your recovery a little more of a push, even if your body could not potentially tolerate it. The main thing is to be smart with your methods which could help to shorter recovery.

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  1. This are good advices. Most important for me was that I really wanted to know everything so I asked many questions before my surgery. At least I knew I was good informed,  so when I knew i was booked already at Forme clinic I started to eat much healthier. Not sure if that was the reason I healed faster but at least I felt much better

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