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Summary: For many women, the breasts are a central feature to self-image. Breasts come in all shapes and sizes, and anything from heredity to normal life events can affect the breasts. Women who feel unsatisfied with their breast appearance have a variety of options to improve their figure. Depending upon individual needs and goals, there are both surgical and nonsurgical choices that can enhance a woman’s breasts for an improved look and a boost in confidence.

1. Push-up Bra

A push-up bra is specially designed to push the breasts together and upwards, adding lift and cleavage, and it can be useful to women of all breast shapes and sizes. Most push-up bras are constructed with a combination of underwire and padding, to provide a boost for women who want to accentuate their breasts. Many women consider a push-up bra to be an essential staple of their lingerie collection.

2. Bra Inserts

Women who are on the smaller side of the breast spectrum may opt for bra inserts in order to achieve an instant increase in cup size. Silicone cutlets can be subtly added into the cups of a bra to create the illusion of larger breasts. Bra inserts may be the perfect option for women who want to increase their breast size temporarily.

3. Breast Implants

For women who want a more permanent increase in breast size, breast augmentation surgery may be the perfect option. Breast implants are available in a range of styles, shapes and sizes. Women can choose from saline or silicone implants and can work with a cosmetic surgeon experienced in breast augmentation to select the type of implant that will best complement their unique anatomy and help them to achieve the look they desire. Breast augmentation surgery can be customized to meet the specific goals of each woman, with implants placed either above or below the breast muscle.

Some women have breast augmentation to grow their overall breast size, while other women with asymmetrical breasts may rely on implants to restore balance to their chests. Whatever the reason for having breast augmentation, implants can add feminine curves to enhance the figure.

4. Breast Lift

Pregnancy, breastfeeding, aging or weight loss can all result in breasts that have lost their buoyancy. The delicate skin around the breasts can become stretched out, causing the breasts to sag and look deflated. A breast lift, or mastopexy, is a surgical procedure that removes excess breast tissue to elevate the breasts and improve their shape. The nipples can also be moved to a more youthful position on the breasts. Some women find that combining a breast lift with a breast augmentation offers rejuvenates and enhances their breast appearance for an optimal outcome.

5. Breast Reduction

Some women have more breast than they’d like. Breasts that are oversized can not only cause discomfort, they can also be a source of unwanted attention, embarrassment and self-consciousness. Breast reduction surgery can decrease breasts to the size that works best for each woman, allowing her to feel comfortable in her own skin.

For women who want to enhance their appearance through a breast enhancement procedure, finding an experienced cosmetic surgeon is an important factor that can help ensure the best result. Whether you’re interested in breast augmentation, a breast lift or breast reduction surgery, a board-certified cosmetic surgeon can take the time to carefully evaluate your unique measurements and understand your specific goals so you can achieve long-lasting, beautiful results.

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