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Summary: Whatever your reasons for considering breast augmentation, you’re bound to have some questions to ask prior to the procedure. While these are best directed at your plastic surgeon during your consultation, there might be a few that you feel too embarrassed to ask. There is, of course, no such thing as a stupid question and you definitely won’t be the first (or last) to ask any of these, no matter how shy you might feel.

1. How Much Cleavage Will I Gain?

Contrary to popular belief, breast augmentation will not automatically create a massive amount of cleavage. The results will depend on the shape and placement of your natural breasts. If your breasts already sit far apart, breast implants can’t push them together to create cleavage. For that, women with wide-spaced breasts still rely on the good old-fashioned push-up bra.

2. Will I Lose Nipple Sensation?

A change in nipple sensation is quite common following breast augmentation, although normal feeling will typically return after 3 to 6 months. If you’re concerned about a lack of sensation, speak to your plastic surgeon about the level of likely sensation loss and the likelihood of occurrence with each type of breast implant incision.

3. Will Both Breasts Recover at the Same Rate?

Another of the most common breast augmentation questions relates to the rate at which each breast will recover. You should expect your breasts to recover at different rates, although this does not occur in every case. Just as natural breasts will not be exactly symmetrical, augmented breasts may appear slightly different, particularly immediately after surgery.

It’s also possible for pain, itching or numbness to occur differently in each breast. In addition, you should not expect to see your final results immediately after the procedure, as some recovery time will be required before swelling subsides.

4. Can Breast Augmentation Help with Sagging?

Concern over sagging breasts due to pregnancy, aging or significant weight loss is a popular reason for considering breast augmentation. One of the most frequently asked questions about breast implants is whether breast augmentation can counteract this sagging. However, breast implants alone will not improve sagging; a breast lift, either with or without the addition of implants, must be included to change the position of the breast.

The best option will be a very personal decision, so your plastic surgeon will discuss all available procedures and which technique should work best to give you natural-looking breast augmentation results.

If an issue is particularly concerning, remember to add it to a list of breast augmentation questions to ask during your consultation.

5. How Can I Avoid Rippling?

While it may not be possible to completely guarantee a lack of rippling following breast augmentation, there are some steps your plastic surgeon can take in order to minimize the risk of rippling. This will include careful planning prior to the procedure, considering factors such as whether to place the implant above or below the muscle, which type of implant to use and implant size.

6. Will My Implants Be Obvious?

This one depends on the specific implants you choose. There are plenty of options available to those seeking breast augmentation, each of which will have a bearing on how natural your new breasts will appear. For example, you may wish to opt for anatomic, teardrop-shaped implants for a more natural line. Working with your surgeon to decide on a suitable implant size to suit your shape will also help if you’re looking for a natural breast augmentation.

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