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For men and women with stubborn fatty bulges on the body, liposuction can be a real gift. The body contouring method is a versatile tool for targeting the pockets of fat that no amount of diet or exercise can touch. Whether you’re troubled by saddlebags, love handles, a muffin top, back fat or some other region that’s preventing you from looking your best, lipo can help eliminate troublesome fatty deposits for smoother, leaner contours. But before you sign up for your liposuction procedure, there are a few important rules for how to proceed and get the best results from your surgery.

1. Do Be a Good Candidate

Liposuction is a cosmetic surgery, and its main objective is to fine-tune your figure. Liposuction can trim away small pockets of fat for a more streamlined figure, but it can’t lose your weight for you. Men and women who have already reached their ideal weight, or at least come close to it, and who have been able to maintain that weight for several months through a healthy, balanced lifestyle, are the best candidates for liposuction. Liposuction is not a substitute for weight loss, so make sure you’ve attained your target weight before you have the procedure.

2. Do Your Research

Although liposuction is an elective procedure, it’s still major surgery. Do yourself a favor and only entrust your care and your results to an experienced professional. Look for a board-certified plastic surgeon who takes the time to understand your aesthetic goals and will work with you to help you enjoy an optimal liposuction outcome.

3. Do Explore Your Options

Liposuction is not a one-size-fits-all procedure. In fact, there are a number of liposuction methods, and some may be more well-suited to you than others. Traditional tumescent liposuction is the most popular, and involves injecting a tumescent, anesthetic solution into the target site to decrease pain and decrease bruising. Fat is then removed via suction.

Ultrasound-Assisted Liposuction (UAL) liquefies fat using ultrasonic energy, which makes the fat removal easier. This liposuction method may be particularly useful in areas of the body where the tissue is denser, such as the male chest or back.

4. Don’t Expect an Overnight Transformation

Liposuction can offer a dramatic improvement in your appearance, but your results will appear gradually over 3 to 6 months. After your liposuction surgery, you’ll likely experiencing some bruising and swelling that will subside over weeks and months. It’s important to have realistic expectations of what the procedure can do for you, and understanding that liposuction won’t immediately transform your body is part of that equation.

5. Don’t Continue to Take Supplements

Some over the counter medications and supplements can act as blood thinners, which slows blood clotting. Before your liposuction procedure, it’s a good idea to stop taking aspirin and vitamin E, and to discuss any other supplements you take with your board-certified plastic surgeon.

6. Do Follow Your Post-Operative Care Instructions

Your plastic surgeon will provide you with guidelines for your recovery so that you can heal optimally and avoid any complications. Post-operative recommendations may include wearing a compression garment to improve your comfort and reduce swelling. Your plastic surgeon may also suggest light activity in the day following your liposuction procedure, to aid in blood circulation and promote healing. It’s critical to follow these guidelines to ensure a smooth, successful recovery and long-lasting results.



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