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Summary: These days, it seems that every other person is clamoring for a Brazilian butt lift. This much sought-after plastic surgery procedure can add volume and shape to the backside for a more proportionate, feminine figure.

Part of the popularity of the Brazilian butt lift stems from the fact that it’s actually a two-in-one procedure. Your cosmetic surgeon performs liposuction on an area of the body where you have unwanted pockets of fat and then transfers that fat into the buttocks. The combination of liposuction and fat transfer augmentation helps to sculpt your contours for a curvier, more feminine shape. If you’re considering this popular body contouring procedure, here are six important facts to know.

1. Women of All Shapes and Sizes Get BBLs

Brazilian butt lifts have an interesting history, and are a beauty trend that have a far reach. Women from all backgrounds and with a range of body types are drawn to this body contouring surgery because they want to enhance their contours.

You may have always been self-conscious about your butt’s flat appearance or you may notice that childbirth or aging have changed the shape of your rear. Because a Brazilian butt lift uses liposuction to harvest fat, you can designate which parts of the body you’d like sculpted through fat removal and just how much fat you have added to your backside.

2. A BBL Doesn’t Have to Offer Huge Results

Perhaps the most pervasive myth about Brazilian butt lifts is that they’re all about making the backside really big, and this is false. The truth is that a BBL can offer natural-looking results. The outcome you achieve from your Brazilian butt lift depends upon your cosmetic surgeon’s skill, as well as you clearly communicating your appearance goals with them. Sculpting the buttocks to improve size and shape is artful body contouring, and it’s a job that should only be entrusted to an experienced cosmetic surgeon.

3. Just Say No to Black Market Butt Injections

In your Brazilian butt lift research, you may have heard about silicone butt injections. These black market injections are done by untrained, un-licensed people and are extremely dangerous. In fact, there have been numerous deaths as a result of these sham injections. If you want to enhance your butt, stick with a board-certified cosmetic surgeon whose knowledge, training and expertise can offer a safe procedure and beautiful, long-lasting results.

4. A Good Cosmetic Surgeon Will Focus on More than Just the Butt

Although the butt is the star of the BBL show, a good cosmetic surgeon understands the importance of taking the whole body into account.

In preparation for your BBL, your cosmetic surgeon should consider how your newly enhanced backside will work with your body’s overall shape, and should plan to create curves that complement your overall figure.

5. Compression Garments Are Your Friend

Your cosmetic surgeon will have you wear a compression garment for your recovery. Remember that as you heal, you’re taking care of both your liposuction sites as well as your rear, and a customized compression garment can help to manage post-liposuction swelling as well as to alleviate discomfort.

6. Your Backside Needs a Break during Recovery

During the first 2 weeks of your BBL recovery, it’s important to avoid pressure on the buttocks. You don’t want to disturb the newly grafted fat cells in the backside. Sitting too soon can diminish your BBL results, so be prepared to spend a lot of time lying on your stomach. If you must sit for a short amount of time during the first 2 weeks, use a boppy pillow.


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