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Summary: While a breast augmentation can provide great results on its own, there are several steps you can take that will bring out the best in your implants:

1. Choose Your Surgeon Wisely

The first and most important step to getting the results you want is to select the right surgeon. Always make sure your surgeon is highly qualified and happy to communicate with you about how to reach your goals. Review a few of your surgeon’s before/after photos as well to get an idea of the level of results he or she is capable of delivering.

2. Keep Realistic Expectations

There’s no such thing as perfection. Your cosmetic surgeon can help enhance your appearance, but keep your expectations for your results reasonable. Even the most skilled cosmetic surgeon can’t work magic—expecting too much from your procedure is a quick path to disappointment. Make sure you’re well informed about the advantages (and limitations) of the surgery you choose, and keep your goals focused on improvement.

3. Prioritize Your Proportions

It might seem counterintuitive to advise women undergoing breast augmentation to stop thinking about size, but focusing only on the number printed on your bra may lead to results that aren’t the best for your figure.

When it comes to breast enhancement, proportionality should take precedence over cc volume or final cup size. How breast implants will look on a given woman depends on a large number of factors related to body size, shoulder width and available breast tissue. This means that the 350 cc implants your friend received will likely look completely different on your frame. Work with your surgeon to find an implant size that will complement your natural figure instead of going as big as you can.

4. Consider a Lift

If breast implants are the “size” half of the equation, then a breast lift is all about the shape. Implants are great for adding size and cleavage, but they won’t help breasts that are sagging. If you’ve noticed that your breasts are droopier than you remember, or if you’re uncomfortable with your breast shape, you may benefit from the contouring and perkiness that a breast lift can provide. Though breast implants can deliver great results on their own for many women, a breast lift can do much for enhancing your breast shape and bringing out the best in your natural figure.

5. Review All Options

Don’t jump into surgery before reviewing all of your breast augmentation options. Your results can be customized to accommodate different implant sizes, styles and shapes. While silicone breast implants are currently the most popular option, some women may prefer to go with the more cost-effective option of saline implants. And although some implant styles see more use than others, each has advantages to meet the specific needs of each patient.

Your surgeon can help review all of the available options with you to help you decide what style of implant will give you the look you want. It’s your body we’re talking about—don’t rush your decision.

6. Allow Adequate Recovery Time

After your procedure you’ll of course want to show off your new curves, but be careful about rushing your recovery. The healing process is an essential part of seeing quality results—your breasts will need time to recover from the procedure and adjust to the presence of your new implants. Trying to do too much before you’re ready can be uncomfortable and may lead to complications. Do yourself (and your results) a favor, and take it easy after your surgery.


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