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Summary: You might not be the sole reason for your mother’s wrinkles, but let’s be honest – you certainly haven’t helped matters. Now is the time to treat mom to a relaxing, rejuvenating facial treatment that might make up for a few of the worry lines dedicated to your teenage years, or even those laugh lines she formed while you were growing up.

From chemical peels to the ever-popular microneedling, there are several facial treatments that can help mom erase those fine lines and wrinkles.

A smoother, more youthful complexion could be just the thing mom needs to look and feel her best. Here are seven effective facial treatments to make up for all of those late nights waiting for you to come home, the parent-teacher conferences and the deep, genuine smiles that gave your mom those wrinkles in the first place.

1. Chemical Peel

A chemical peel can help your mom reveal a fresh, soft layer of skin that makes her look and feel renewed. By applying an acid, like glycolic, lactic or alpha or beta hydroxy, the skin’s uppermost layer is dissolved. With it can go dark spots, hyperpigmentation, small wrinkles and old acne scars. After a special cleansing treatment and the application of a numbing agent, the peeling agent is applied to the skin, left to work its magic and removed. About a week her treatment, your mother might notice softer, more hydrated skin with fewer lines, wrinkles and spots.

2. Microdermabrasion

The effects of microdermabrasion are more instantly noticeable than those from a chemical peel. Microscopic crystals are used during the treatment to exfoliate dead skin cells, sweeping them away to reveal a more refined skin texture. Microdermabrasion can remove dead, flaky skin, tiny bumps cause by trapped sebum and may even reduce the appearance of small sun spots. A vacuum sucks up debris as it moves along, completely removing it from the face. One treatment may be enough for mom to see some improvement in skin texture, but she deserves the few rounds of microdermabrasion it may take for optimal results.

3. Injectable Wrinkle Treatments

To truly treat mom to the complexion she deserves, consider gifting her younger-looking skin through injectable wrinkle treatments, such as Botox. With one treatment, crow’s feet, forehead wrinkles and stubborn wrinkles between the eyes can be softened for as long as four months. A treatment takes only minutes, but could erase years’ worth of worry lines and wrinkles by temporarily reducing muscle activity in the locations to which the purified toxin is injected. This type of treatment can create a more noticeable impact than at-home wrinkle solutions.

4. Injectable Fillers

Much like injectable wrinkle treatment, injectable fillers can be used to create a dramatic change in the visible signs of aging in just a few minutes. Injectable fillers, also called dermal fillers, work like skin’s natural collagen to plump its surface and fill lines and wrinkles with minimal pain. Dermal fillers can restore the appearance of collagen lost over time and the results could last as long as six months after treatment. That gives you the perfect opportunity to treat mom to another session when the winter holidays roll around.

5. Vein Treatment

As you grew up, you mother underwent more changes that just a few lines and wrinkles on her face. With age can also come unwanted, visible veins. Sclerotherapy can provide relief to visible spider veins that might make your mom feel as though she needs to cover them up. During this treatment, which typically last about 30 minutes, a professional injects a solution into suborn, visible veins to cause their collapse. After time, the collapsed, unused vein dissolves and could no longer be visible through the skin. Mom will be back up and enjoying her smooth, younger-looking legs with little to no downtime.

6. Laser Skin Rejuvenation

Laser skin rejuvenation can be exactly as wonderful as it sounds for reviving mom’s skin tone and quality. Treatments like Clear + Brilliant, Halo by Sciton and Sciton BBL Photofacial can, through the use of high-quality lasers, make skin smoother, brighter and tighter. The light energy from lasers is used to gently pierce the skin’s collagen layer, which stimulates collagen production and restores skin’s elastin. The visibility of hyperpigmentation and broken blood vessels can be greatly reduced and complete results can be noticed within one week of treatment, with continued improvements over the next several months. There’s very little downtime associated with laser skin rejuvenation treatments, and the improved texture and youthful look to you mom’s complexion are well worth the minimal pain that she could incur.

7. Microneedling

Microneedling can tap into skin’s natural healing response to stimulate the production of collagen and elastin, producing smoother, younger looking skin. During a microneedling treatment, a SkinPen™ or dermaroller is used to picture hundreds of tiny, microscopic holes in the skin’s surface which not only give skin a cue to produce more collagen, but also provide an easy gateway for products to penetrate deeper into the skin’s surface. Microneedling has been shown to treat acne scarring, stretch marks and, of course, fine lines and wrinkles. It can even skin’s tone and improve the quality of mom’s complexion soon after treatment.

Of course, there’s no reason to treat mom to these treatments alone. You were there when her wrinkles were formed and you can be there with her when she’s having them filled, buffed or zapped away. Both of you deserve great skin.

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