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Summary: For many women, breasts can be one of the most defining parts of their bodies, and since humans are the only mammals with permanent ones, it’s easy to understand why breasts can be so fascinating. Whether it’s their size, shape or function, there’s all sorts of interesting information out there about breasts. But here are some facts about breasts and breast implants that you might not have heard already.

1. The Largest Natural Breasts Are Size 102ZZZ

Annie Hawkins holds a spot in the Guinness Book of World Records for having the largest natural breasts in the world. Topping out with a 70-inch chest circumference, that puts Annie in the world’s largest bra, a 102ZZZ. Annie says she started wearing a regular bra in third grade, and her breasts kept on growing from there.

2. Breast Size Fluctuates

Speaking of size, did you know that your breasts can actually fluctuate as much as a full cup size in a month? Hormonal changes during PMS and pregnancy can cause as much as a cup’s worth of swelling. And on a smaller scale, sexual arousal can also cause the breasts to swell, sometimes by up to 25 percent of their typical size.

3. Implants Aren’t Measured by Cup Size

Contrary to popular belief, breast implants are actually measured by cubic centimeters (ccs) of volume, not cup size. It takes approximately 175 to 200 ccs to increase one cup size, but other factors like the type and profile of the implant can affect the look of the final result.

4. No Need to Choose Between Implants and a Lift

Thinking about getting implants, but also want a little upward boost? Don’t worry, you can actually combine breast augmentation with a breast lift, giving you the best of both worlds. Women looking to improve the position, size and shape of their breasts could be great candidates for a combined procedure. This procedure is most commonly desired after a pregnancy or achieving a significant weight loss goal.

5. Smoking Can Affect Your Breasts

Smoking breaks down the body’s elastin, a protein in the body that allows tissue to retain its shape even after stretching. Therefore, smoking can actually cause your breasts to sag faster than they would for nonsmokers, and to a greater extent. In case you needed one more reason to kick the habit, your breasts may thank you.

6. Asymmetry Is More Common Than You Think

Many women are often concerned with the fact that one breast is larger or smaller than the other. As it turns out, asymmetry in this area is perfectly normal. In fact, most women actually have some degree of lopsidedness, and some studies suggest that for about 65 percent of women, the left side is slightly larger. But if your asymmetry is significant and you’d like to even it out, there are many breast augmentation options available.

7. Size Doesn’t Matter (for Breastfeeding)

While you may desire a larger look for a variety of reasons, whether it’s a confidence or self-image booster, the size of your breasts has nothing to do with their milk-producing function. Larger breasts simply have a higher proportion of fatty tissue than glandular tissue, but that doesn’t affect milk production in any way. Besides, a woman’s breasts will naturally increase in size during pregnancy due to the development of the milk glands.

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