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Summary: A flabby stomach. Sagging breasts. A tired expression. These common appearance concerns, as well as others, lead many people to pursue cosmetic surgery to both boost their self-image and enhance their looks. And cosmetic surgery has become a booming business, with hundreds of thousands of people each year in search of a cosmetic surgeon who can help them achieve their goals.

When planning for cosmetic surgery, one of the most important factors in determining successful results is choosing the cosmetic surgeon who can best meet your needs. Following these seven tips can help you select the right cosmetic surgeon for you.

1. Specialized Training and Credentials

It’s not enough that a prospective cosmetic surgeon simply advertise that they perform certain procedures. These days, medical doctors from all backgrounds are trying to cash in on the cosmetic surgery market, even if they don’t have the training or expertise. Research your cosmetic surgeon’s credentials, making sure that they have specialized training in cosmetic surgery. and are certified by the American Board of Cosmetic Surgery.

2. Experience in Your Procedure

You don’t want a novice doing your tummy tuck, breast augmentation or other cosmetic surgery procedure.

Only entrust your care to a cosmetic surgeon who has considerable experience performing your desired procedure.

Ask how many tummy tucks they perform each week, and how many they’ve done over the duration of their career. Don’t settle for anything less than expertise.

3. Proven Results

Cosmetic surgery is an elective procedure, designed to enhance appearance. Before your procedure, it’s important that you review your cosmetic surgeon’s results. Study before and after photos of the procedure you’d like, and make sure the results meet your standards and match your tastes. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder, and you want to make sure that you and your cosmetic surgeon share the same aesthetic sense.

4. Caring Connection

From the consultation to the cosmetic surgery to the post-op appointments, you’ll be spending a lot of time with your cosmetic surgeon. Having a trusting rapport with them is integral to a successful outcome, as you’ll need to be completely honest about your appearance goals as well as any other information that could impact your cosmetic surgery and results. It’s much easier to work with a cosmetic surgeon who cultivates a caring connection with you.

5. Facility Accreditation

Cosmetic surgery is most often done in an office-based surgical facility. To ensure that your cosmetic surgeon’s facility meets the highest standards of care, make sure it’s state licensed and accredited.

6. Customer Service

In addition to working with your cosmetic surgeon, you’ll also be interacting with their staff a good deal of the time. From phone calls to in-person office visits, you want to feel comfortable with your cosmetic surgeon’s staff. When looking for the right cosmetic surgeon to meet your needs, choose a cosmetic surgery center that creates a warm, welcoming environment, where you wouldn’t hesitate to ask questions, schedule follow-up appointments and feel relaxed with the knowledge that you’re in caring, competent hands.

7. Follow-Up Care

Cosmetic surgery does not end the moment your procedure is completed. You don’t simply walk out the door with your post-op care instructions and navigate your recovery on your own. A good cosmetic surgeon not only schedules regular follow-up appointments, they make themselves available to you during every stage of your healing process to ensure that everything goes smoothly.


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