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Summary: One of the most exciting parts of having breast augmentation can be shopping for bras to complement your new look.

Not only will your old bras simply not fit, they may not work with how you feel about your breasts now.

Many women enjoy a boost in confidence that reflects just how great you feel about your revamped figure and highlight your curves. Here are some tips to get you started shopping.

1. Hold the Lace, Opt for Support Initially

The first bras you wear after your custom breast augmentation won’t be very pretty, but a soft cup sports bra with a front closure can give your breasts extra support while they heal. Dr. Meade may recommend that you continue to wear a sports bra for 6 weeks after your breast augmentation to ensure that your implants settle into the pocket properly.

2. Have an Expert Fit You

Once your body has recovered from breast augmentation, book an appointment with a bra-fitting expert or visit a shop that offers professional bra fitting. Finding the right size can help you decide which bras and styles work best.

3. Try On Bras

Don’t just visit a store for a bra fitting; be sure to try on bras too. You may have easily ordered bras online before but your breasts are fuller now and may have a slightly different shape. Cup sizes also tend to vary by manufacturer. Until you know which bras fit work best for your new breasts, you may want to shop in a store where you can try on bras and talk with the sales staff.

4. Ignore the Cup Size

Be ready to hear a cup size that you didn’t expect. Cup sizes aren’t standardized, so you may think your saline or silicone breast implants gave you D cups only to find that you wear a C cup in a certain bra style. Take time to try on several bras across multiple brands and styles—focus on fit, not sticking to a particular cup size.

5. Be Daring

Before breast augmentation, you may have had a tried-and-true style of bra that served you well for many years, maybe even decades. Don’t just go straight to that style. Maybe you’ve always wanted to try a plunging cup or a balconette. Give something different a chance. You can also go back to your old favorite if that’s what suits you.

6. Start with Just a Few Bras

Don’t buy a complete wardrobe for your breasts on the first shopping trip. Purchase a couple bras that you’ve tried on and that fit how you’d like, then wear them for a while as a test drive to see if you still like them. Your breast augmentation results will continue developing for up to 6 months after your breast augmentation, which could affect your bra size and how bras fit.

7. Don’t Forget to Have Fun

Bra shopping can be your “mountain top” experience. Your journey toward the curves you imagined is finally complete, and you’ve made it to your goal. Make bra shopping a celebration! Take a friend with you to share the experience, give you honest opinions, fetch other sizes and talk you into splurging on that bra that shows off everything you hoped your new look would be.

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