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Summary: Being able to achieve a breast augmentation that looks natural might just come down to your plastic surgeon. Hiring a great plastic surgeon with plenty of experience is one of the best ways to ensure you have the best chance of attaining your overall aesthetic goal. But sometimes knowing how to achieve a breast augmentation that looks natural begins with being able to articulate your goals and desires.

how to Achieve a Breast Augmentation That Looks Natural

If you’ve decided to undergo a breast augmentation procedure, you’ve probably spent a lot of time thinking about what your final results might look like. If you’re like a lot of patients out there, you’ve settled on at least one characteristic you want to embrace: naturalism. That is, you want your breast augmentation to look natural. And there are some tips and tricks that might help you achieve a breast augmentation that looks natural.

But you also have to do a good job listening to your surgeon. This article, for example, is intended for entertainment purposes only. To get a really good idea of how your breast augmentation can look natural, you should be sure to talk to your surgeon about the possibilities during your consultation.

In many ways, achieving a breast augmentation that looks natural all starts with your goals. How you reach those goals can definitely help, don’t get me wrong. But if your goal is to end up with breasts that are impossibly large (or even improbably large), the “natural” look might not be something you concern yourself with too much. And that’s okay. The vast majority of patients, however, want a breast augmentation result that, basically, only they will notice. Something that will give them a boost of confidence but won’t necessarily draw attention. Finding the nuance in that result can be tricky, but there are a few things you can do to make it a bit easier.

Proportion Might Matter More Than Size

Most patients who want a breast augmentation procedure are concerned, one way or another, with their proportions. The breasts are often looked at as they exist in proportion with the hips. Sometimes when the hips are wider, patients want a larger breast size in order to complement those hips.

That’s why, for some patients, proportion is going to be more important than overall size, at least when it comes to what will pass for natural. The human eye tends to focus on proportions after all (though this isn’t necessarily a biological function; it’s how we’re socialized, too).

You’ll want to talk with your surgeon about what size might work best for the proportion you’re attempting to achieve. In general, breast implant sizes are measured in cubic centimeters, or CC. In other words, they’re measured by volume. That’s not usually how we think about our bodies, so conceptualizing what a 300cc breast implant might look like on your body can be a challenge. Many surgeons will have tools on hand during your consultation to help with just that.

Choose the Right Material

When we talk about breast implant type, we usually break it down into silicone and saline. That’s accurate, but a little simplistic too. If you’ve made it this far in your research, it’s likely you already know about these two implant types, so we’re going to throw two more at you:

  • Fat Graft: Here’s the good news about fat graft breast implants: they will look and feel quite natural because they’ll be made from your own fat. The bad news is that you’ll need a liposuction procedure to generate that fat. The other bad news is it’s impossible to predict precisely how much of the fat grafted will take to its new home, making fat graft breast augmentation procedures too unpredictable for some surgeons’ liking.
  • Gummy Bear Implant: Hailed as the newest and most effective breast implant available, the so-called Gummy Bear Implant has quickly become the go-to implant for many plastic surgeons. That’s because this silicone-based implant looks and feels incredibly natural. Indeed, if you’re going for a natural look it’s likely that a gummy bear implant will at least be on your short list.

Ultimately, there are many factors that go into a decision regarding breast implant type. The “naturalness” of the implant might be only one of those factors, but if it’s a priority, it’s definitely something you should mention to your surgeon.

Defining Natural for Yourself

Remember that, ultimately, what looks natural on someone else might not look natural on you. That’s why the best breast augmentation procedures are all about defining “natural” for yourself. For many patients, that means a result that complements their figure, their beauty, and their personality.

If you have specific ideas about what you want your breast augmentation to look like, you should consult with your plastic surgeon today to see if those ideas are feasible. A breast augmentation that looks natural in the end is on the wish lists of many patients.


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About the Author: Dan Voltz has been writing about plastic and cosmetic surgery for over four years. In that time, he’s written about nearly every procedure you can think of, from breast augmentation to tummy tuck to Botox.

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