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Summary:Many women feel uncertain about the size and shape of implants they should select to achieve the “perfect” breasts to meet their ideal. This can create anxiety leading up to your breast augmentation, perhaps even enough to overshadow some of the positive anticipation you should enjoy about an upcoming breast enhancement.

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To achieve a gorgeous final look, start by coming up with a list of breast augmentation questions to ask your plastic surgeon at your consultation. Once you know what to ask, it’s important to focus on your own aesthetic goals and personal tastes while working together with your surgeon to choose the implant size, shape and style that will create the best look for you.  The list is likely full of topics that will be addressed during your consultation but the act of making the list helps you think through the process and get comfortable with the decisions you will make.

Mathematical Formulas for Beauty?

In a study on breast shape conducted by the American Society of Plastic Surgeons, an upper pole to lower pole ratio of 45:55 was determined to be the nearly unanimously agreed-upon winning number to deliver the aesthetically perfect breast. In plain English, this means that the ideal breast proportions are roughly teardrop shaped: larger and rounder across the lower pole (55 percent of breast volume) and slightly less full across the upper pole, or top half of the breast (45 percent of breast volume).

While plastic surgeons may find this type of data useful, it isn’t necessarily relevant for patients themselves. After all, how many women have the tools with which to measure proportion ratios just lying around at home? In any case, a mathematical formula may capture the statistically “perfect” breast measurements, but going strictly by the numbers fails to take into account your activity level, amount of natural breast tissue and desired amount of fullness. The breast shape that meets your version of ideal might not fit quite so neatly into a logical definition.

To this end, your conversation with your surgeon will center around a series of options, rather than one implant size that you are forced to accept.

Individual Considerations

The 45:55 ratio may be a useful general template for breast augmentations, but final breast size and shape are subjective decisions based on each patient’s personal tastes and overall proportions. Focusing on the breasts’ proportions alone excludes important factors such as general frame size and body shape, not to mention exercise level and other considerations. Taking the full spectrum of proportions into account will help a plastic surgeon create features that are brought into beautiful harmony for lovely, natural-looking results.

Vectra 3D Imaging

State of the art imaging technology such as Vectra 3D Imaging helps remove the guesswork from the question of what you’ll look like after breast augmentation surgery, and if a certain implant shape or size would work better for you.

By using 3D images of your own body, your plastic surgeon can show you a range of possible breast implant volumes and profiles to help you achieve exactly the look you’re after. Rather than focusing on a mysterious “perfect” ratio, this technology will make the decision about your breast size and shape more personal so you can achieve your individual aesthetic goals.

Surgical Expertise and Experience

Attaining the perfect breast shape is a multi-step process: trying out a range of sizes, selecting photographs of women with the shape you desire and working one-one-one with a board certified plastic surgeon are all steps that will help create the perfect proportions for your body. Select an experienced plastic surgeon who specializes in breast augmentation to ensure that your final look is perfectly suited to both your body and your lifestyle for results that will leave you feeling confident and beautiful for years to come.

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