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Summary: The advantages of a breast reduction surgery are often plentiful and varied. For some patients, the advantages will primarily be about reducing discomfort and pain over the long term. For other patients, the goals will be primarily aesthetic. Then again, many people have both sets of goals at the same time. The advantages of your breast reduction will depend largely on why you’re interested in the procedure to begin with.

What Are the Advantages of Breast Reduction Surgery for Patients?

Breast reduction is a popular plastic surgery procedure. But what are the benefits of breast reduction surgery when compared to other options? It’s a valid question because most people will only ever get one or two plastic surgery procedures in their lives. Which means that someone who chooses to get a breast reduction procedure is likely electing not to undergo other plastic surgery procedures at the same time.

So what are the advantages of pursuing a breast reduction procedure? What makes this procedure better than, say, a breast lift or a tummy tuck? Well, the answer to that question is going to be depend on the individual patient.

But if we put ourselves in the patient’s shoes for a minute or two, we might be able to come up with some reasonable answers. There are, after all, quite a few things that make breast reduction surgery appealing to a variety of patients. The advantages of breast reduction surgery, therefore, are quite widely varied. But that’s why we’re talking about them!

More Comfort After Breast Reduction

One of the primary benefits of a breast reduction is simple: more comfort. That’s because breasts that are too large for your frame can often cause significant discomfort. Patients often report this as neck pain and back pain. And that pain is often chronic. In other words, you wake up every single day with neck pain or with a headache. It happens because your muscles are strained trying to keep your posture while the weight of your breasts is throwing everything off.

A breast reduction, as the name implies, reduces that weight. The breasts are returned to a more proportional size, and your body can actually handle that. Which means muscle strain is diminished, and the patient does not experience nearly as much chronic pain in the neck or in the head. This doesn’t mean you’ll never get a headache again. But it does mean that you’ll get fewer headaches caused by neck and back strain.

Your Body Will Feel More Proportional

There are plenty of practical reasons to get a breast reduction (the neck and back strain reduction mentioned above, for example). But that doesn’t mean there are no aesthetic reasons to get a breast reduction. Indeed, some of the advantages of breast reduction surgery are overtly aesthetic. Those advantages include:

  • A more proportional frame: Your bust will likely be more proportional with the rest of your body (rather than being overly proportioned)
  • Clothes will fit better: Your breast size won’t dominate your selection of clothing
  • People might look you in the eyes again: We don’t want to make too much light of the gross factor here, so we’ll use a real life example. One of the reasons that Modern TV star Ariel Winter decided to undergo a breast reduction was because she was tired of her breasts drawing too much attention.
  • Most patients really like the way they look after a breast reduction procedure

In some cases, it’s possible that you’ll look more youthful after a breast reduction, especially if your breasts were not always as large as they are now. And I suppose that brings us to our next question.

What Causes Large Breasts in the First Place?

Now, this is kind of an interesting question, mostly because there are simply many different answers. When we talk about “large breasts,” we’re usually speaking of breasts that are too large for one’s frame, causing all kinds of complications (much like those discussed above). And there are two primary causes of breasts that are too large for one’s frame:

  • Genetics: This is especially true for younger patients. There is simply some level of genetic variability within men and women, and that variability can sometimes naturally cause overly large breasts.
  • Aging: The other primary cause of overly large breasts is also hard to predict and difficult to mitigate naturally: aging. As you age, your breasts are affected by gravity. They tend to sag. And as they sag, your skin stretches–you develop excess skin. And that excess skin causes the weight and surface area of your breasts to increase.

There are other causes of overly large breasts, and many of them involve significant life changes. Gaining or losing weight can cause larger breasts, as can pregnancy and nursing.

Breast Reduction or Breast Lift

It should be pointed out that dealing with excess skin is usually a matter best left to breast lift procedures. Whereas reducing size is what a breast reduction is used for. The procedures are often performed concurrently, though not always (it will depend on the patient).

If you want to know more about what the advantages of breast reduction surgery might be for you personally, contact a plastic surgeon to schedule a consultation.

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