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Summary: There’s no right age to have plastic surgery. There are some procedures that are great for your twenties and some procedures that are great for your fifties. And, of course, there’s everything in between. However, one thing that we’ve found is that many younger patients are opting for procedures that do not require commitment. These non-surgical procedures still offer great—if more subtle—results, but those results are often enough for that group of patients. Whatever cosmetic surgery procedure you’re looking for, it’s likely there’s something out there for you.

cosmetic surgery for younger patients

Trending: Cosmetic Surgery for Younger Patients

Plastic surgery can be a big commitment, and the results are generally permanent (or, at the very least, require more plastic surgery to undo results you’re no longer thrilled with). For that reason, there are many people who are a little hesitant to go under the knife. It’s not that plastic surgery isn’t safe or it’s somehow incredibly risky—that’s not it. Most people feel quite safe getting plastic surgery. It’s just that some people aren’t a big fan of the commitment. Luckily, there are still some ways you can make yourself look a little bit more youthful without the need for that big plastic surgery commitment.

And you wouldn’t be the only one to do such a thing. National celebrity Jessica Wright, herself only 29 years old (or so) has commented that in the past she’s gotten Botox treatments in order to maintain her youthful look. But she’s hesitant to go further than that and make other alterations. That makes sense. Most patients at Wright’s age are interested in stopping the march of time, in a way. They aren’t as interested in turning back the hands of time, because, frankly, time hasn’t done all that much to them.

Younger Patients Care About How They Look

This isn’t to say that younger patients aren’t worried about the way that they look, rather that younger patients don’t need results that are nearly as dramatic. For young patients, subtle is good—and that’s precisely what many non-surgical approaches to cosmetic procedures guarantee. Or, let’s put it this way: plastic surgery will get you big, permanent results. Cosmetic surgery will get you smaller, more subtle results. For younger patients—who also happen to be the most phobic of commitments—this is ideal.

So let’s take a look at some of the procedures that younger patients can get that will help them retain their youthful looks:

  • Botox: Just as Wright got Botox injections, so too do many younger patients. Many of the first wrinkles are caused by muscle contractions. The muscles become “stuck” in a contracted position, and the skin attached to those muscles is equally stuck, causing wrinkles. Botox releases the muscles, and causes the wrinkles to abate. Because these types of “muscle wrinkles” are often the first to appear, Botox makes a lot of sense for many younger patients.
  • Lip Injections: Big, sexy lips are in these days. Many women want bigger lips but aren’t too keen on plastic surgery to increase the size of those lips. The solution is the injection of specially formulated dermal fillers that are designed to increase the volume of the lips without making them look fake or unnatural. Indeed, many women opt for lip injections because they offer great results immediately.
  • Laser Treatments: The sun can take a toll on your skin, causing fine lines or sun spots. Additionally, sometimes acne can leave unsightly scars. Many younger patients seek to mitigate those issues by seeking out a laser treatment or other energy treatments. These procedures can help patients’ skin look better without necessarily treating the skin surgically.

Look Young Feel Young

Younger patients want to stop the clock, so to speak, not so much because they’re afraid of getting older (though, there is always a bit of that, of course), but rather because they want to continue to feel young. And a big part of feeling young is looking youthful. These procedures allow younger patients to do just that without the need (or the commitment to) plastic surgery, and so for them these represent ideal procedures.

Of course, if you’re thinking about having a procedure done, you should talk to your cosmetic surgeon about what the procedure entails, how long it will take, and what the results will look like. The more information you have, the better you’ll be able to predict your results and choose the procedure that will help you the most. Whether you’re trying to stop the clock or turn back time, there’s probably a procedure out there that’s just right for you. Finding it is a matter of discussions and research.

For many patients, Botox, Lip Injections, or Laser treatments represent a great sense of freedom and self-esteem once complete. So if you’re thinking about, for example, Laser hair removal in Minneapolis, don’t hesitate to talk to someone about that. Every large city will have plenty of options when it comes to providers and cosmetic surgeons. Chances are, once you go through with a procedure, you’ll love the results that look back at you from the mirror. And the younger you look, the younger you’ll likely feel.

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