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Summary: AJ McLean of Backstreet Boys fame has recently undergone a hair transplant and he wants everyone to know how much he loves his results!

Backstreet’s Back

The Backstreet Boys were incredibly popular in the 1990’s and early 2000’s and still earn millions today touring their reunion show alongside famous friends New Kids on the Block. AJ McLean of the Backstreet Boys (the one always known for his “edgier” look and well groomed facial hair) recently experienced a negative side effect of aging her never saw coming: hair loss. It seems this Backstreet Boy wasn’t as timeless as his music, and the star began combating the aging process with hair plugs to maintain a more youthful look. Cosmetic surgery is incredibly popular among aging stars today, and this is just one of the many famous examples of celebs taking matters into their own hands.


Your Hair Up There

Hair restoration is incredibly popular, especially among men. A full head of hair is a sign of youthfulness and sexiness among males in America, and for those who suffer from hair loss the issue is one of the main topics of concern. Hair restoration (also known as hair plugs, hair transplants, etc.) can give you back the hair you desire and help you to maintain the look you had when you were younger. In McLean’s case, the 35 year old boy band star started to experience hair loss early in his 30’s and loves his transplant so much he took to the popular social media platform Instagram to show off before and after pictures of his new look “up there.” Championing the procedure as being like “breast implants for men,” AJ is thrilled to show off his once again full head of hair.

How It Works

Hair transplantation is a surgical technique that redistributes hair follicles from one part of the body to another. Hair is taken from “donor site” and transplanted into the “recipient site,” often times to treat male pattern baldness (like in McLean’s case.) The procedure itself is minimally invasive and can help improve hair follicles that are stubborn and genetically predisposed to fall out. This procedure can also restore eyebrows and eyelashes, as well as facial hair, chest hair, pubic hair and hair that was lost as a result of scarring. No matter what your experience is with hair loss, it is likely that a hair transplant procedure can restore you to your original state. Backstreet Boy’s AJ McLean received hair plugs on his head only, but his enthusiasm level is so high that if he experiences loss in other areas we are sure that he will seek out this procedure again.

Famous Face of Hair Restoration

The Backstreet Boys were (and are still!) international sensations and women everywhere look at them as sex-symbols of their generation. Unfortunately, though, our generation is aging and we are starting to see the side effects of this in some pretty unsightly ways. Fans of AJ and the Backstreet Boys cannot fathom the star having anything less than a beautiful head of hair, and now thanks to hair transplant technology we will never have to imagine a world any different.

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