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Summary: Movie and television star Amanda Bynes recently had some dramatic rhinoplasty surgery and is taking to Twitter to sing praises for her procedure.

Celebrities Know About Noses

Amanda Bynes has always been a big star. Whether you know her from starring on the hit 1990’s Nickelodeon show “All That,” to starring in the cult classic movie “She’s the Man,” Amanda has been an influential celebrity for years. Recently the star has been rather vocal about a few cosmetic procedures she has had, including most famously a rhinoplasty done in two procedures to completely reinvent her nose.


Now Everyone Knows

Rhinoplasty procedures are becoming increasingly popular, especially with teens and young adults. Because the nose is often the most predominant aspect of our face, it’s also usually the feature that people hate the most.  Amanda Bynes disliked her nose, feeling it was too wide, and deciding to undergo cosmetic surgery to “correct” the issues she felt she had. In the grand tradition of young celebrities today, Bynes has taken to as many social media outlets as are available in order to spread the word of her new surgery (rumor has it she even had her rhinoplasty videotaped and will release it to the public soon!)

Supremely Beneficial Surgery

The star also felt as if she had webbing between her eyes, another reason for her multiple rhiniplasty procedures. Rhinoplasty itself is a fantastic tool for perfecting your nose, and there are a million reasons why someone may benefit from the surgery:

  • Too large of nose
  • Too small of nose
  • Deviated septum causing problems with breathing and sleeping
  • “Webbing” at bridge of nose (similar to Bynes)
  • Repairing a nose after a fracture or break
  • Many other reasons…

Amanda has been a champion of plastic surgery for years, recently being quoted as saying “There’s a surgery for everything that is wrong with you!” and “My surgeons are heroes.”

Don’t Call Me Crazy

While it is hard to deny that many of Bynes recent actions have been a little… odd… there is no doubt that she loves her cosmetic surgery and it seems to have benefited her a lot. Bynes, who has retired from acting, says that her rhinoplasty has given her confidence to pursue a career in music. Many who undergo cosmetic surgery have a new found appreciation for themselves after their recovery and use it as a catalyst for starting new careers of their own. While it’s true that Amanda Bynes may show signs of plunging into the deep end, at least she is doing so with a look she won’t mind having on the cover of all the magazines. Talk to a board certified cosmetic surgeon today if Amanda’s rhinoplasty has inspired you to make necessary changes to your look in order to feel the best that you can. Both nose jobs and celebrities can be seen as controversial at times, but there is nothing taboo about a nose that you are happy to show the world!

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Looking For a Rhinoplasty Surgeon?

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