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Breast augmentation is one of the most widely performed cosmetic surgeries across the globe. It’s common for women to desire¬†larger breasts to improve their proportions, enhance their sense of femininity and look and feel sexier. However, recent years have seen a new trend among those pursuing breast augmentation.

Women with oversized implants have begun downsizing their breasts in favor of a more modest enhancement, and some women even remove their implants altogether in a procedure known as explantation. As more iconic women like Heidi Montag and Melissa Gilbert come forward publicly about removing or downsizing their breast implants, it may be time to wonder: are smaller implants the new trend?

A More Natural Look

While high, round, extra-large breasts may have been the trend in decades past, today’s women value a more natural appearance. Women with a naturally modest figure no longer need large implants to feel as sexy as their more voluptuous counterparts. Instead, a subtle size increase can provide just the right balance to your proportions and help small-breasted women embrace their natural bodies.

In fact, the “Brazilian B” is the term used to refer to the slim, natural look popularized by models such as Giselle Bundchen, characterized by a fit figure and perky, youthful looking breasts. Women who strove for a significantly larger breast size in the past may find that modern times call for a new look, and swapping out their implants for a smaller size may be just the right solution to update their figures.

Fitness Focused

21st century beauty standards are also highly informed by increasing concerns with fitness. While the pressure to be fit and toned once mainly concerned men, female ideals of beauty now include toned arms and legs, sculpted abdominals and firm thighs and buttocks.

As women find their fitness potential in high-energy athletics such as kickboxing, CrossFit training and running, many find that large breasts can limit their range of motion and even cause discomfort. Smaller implants (or none at all) can help women feel more comfortable in the gym and on the track so they can achieve the fitness-centered lifestyle they value.

The Benefits of a Breast Lift When Downsizing

Many women who choose to downsize their breast implants or remove their implants entirely can benefit tremendously from a breast lift. Because large breast implants tend to stretch the skin, removing or downsizing implants can result in some degree of excess skin and sagging. During a breast lift, your cosmetic surgeon can reshape your breast tissue to create a rounder, more youthful look before lifting the breasts to remedy sagging and trimming away any loose skin.

Starting with Small Implants

If you’re considering getting breast implants to improve your figure, you may want to plan on starting out small to avoid the chances of downsizing in the future. While they may not be for everyone, many women feel that small breast implants can mean better results by create natural looking curves that won’t get in the way of an active lifestyle.

It’s Your Body

Regardless of what’s trending in the world of breast enhancement, it’s important to remember that your body is just that: your own. Whether you choose to embrace naturally small breasts without any help from cosmetic surgery or decide that an eye-catching silhouette with a generous d√©colletage is what you’re after, the most important factor in your decision should be focusing on what makes you happy. With or without breast implants, every woman deserves to love the feeling of being in her own skin.

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