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Summary: Because the gossip columns have been going crazy lately, we’re kind of wondering: did Ashlee Simpson get more plastic surgery? And if so, what procedures may she have been looking at? Perhaps the more important question is this: what can we learn from Ashlee Simpson’s plastic surgery procedures? There’s certainly a lesson in there that, if teased out, might be able to help others who are looking at plastic and cosmetic surgery.

Hearing Those Ashlee Simpson Plastic Surgery Rumors

Did Ashlee Simpson get more plastic surgery, or are the tabloids having a field day with a change in makeup? It can be difficult to tell, and the tabloids are quick to ascribe any change in looks to a cosmetic procedure. And that might be true—but it also might not. Let’s take a look at Ashlee Simpson’s past plastic surgery and see if anything might have changed.

Luckily, Simpson has been pretty open about her previous rhinoplasty procedure. A Los Angeles cosmetic surgeon, Dr. Alexander Rivkin (who developed the Non Surgical Nose Job), suggests that Simpson’s rhinoplasty results are faltering. This may or may not be something that a non surgical revision procedure could address (and Dr. Rivkin would be a great choice for just such a procedure).

But that does lead us to something of a lesson: results from plastic surgery are permanent, but they are not static. That is, the results from your rhinoplasty procedure may change as you age. That’s an important factor for patients to keep in mind, especially when comparing those procedures to non surgical solutions.

Surgical vs. Non Surgical Procedures

Most surgical procedures inevitably lead to a permanent change to your body. That’s the whole point, after all. When Ashlee Simpson underwent a rhinoplasty procedure, she was making permanent changes to her nose. Only a second procedure could change her nose “back,” and even that wouldn’t be guaranteed. That’s why surgeons spend so much time in consultation with patients—and so much time discussing what they want out of procedures.

That said, most plastic surgery patients are incredibly happy with their results for years to come. But those results are not static. For example, if you were to get a facelift, you would look significantly more youthful. But it would not stop the aging process. Indeed, your face will continue to age and you will continue to develop wrinkles.

The same is true of any surgical procedure. That’s not a bug—it’s a feature. Your face would look quite unnatural if it stopped aging. But it’s also might be part of why non surgical procedures—most of which yield temporary results—are getting so popular.

Temporary Results

Let’s say that Ashlee Simpson opted to have dermal filler injections. (We’re not trying to suggest that she has, by the way—we’re just using her as a hypothetical patient at the moment.) Those dermal fillers would provide temporary results. Depending on the site of injection, the type of filler, and a few other factors, those results would last for several months and then fade.

The same would be true if Simpson (or anyone) elected to undergo a non surgical rhinoplasty procedure (such as a non surgical revision rhinoplasty). In those cases, the results would typically last anywhere from 12-18 months, depending on the filler.

There are some advantages to this:

  • Results are immediately visible, so you can enjoy them for a significant amount of time
  • You can maintain your results with regularly scheduled treatments
  • Patients are able to tweak their results depending on their natural aging process
  • If patients want semi-permanent results, there are fillers that can accomplish that in many cases (such as Bellafill)
  • There is no recovery or downtime associated with most dermal filler injections

Non surgical fillers allow patients to take a particular result out for a test drive. The nice part is that, if the patient likes the results, he or she can just keep on “driving.”

More Than Ashlee Simpson

Ultimately, we’d like this article to be about more than Ashlee Simpson. That’s because there is a particular assumption that most people will either only ever get cosmetic surgery once or become addicted and get it all the time.

The truth is that it’s not uncommon for many patients to address a few different problem areas over the years. In this way, any procedures that Ashlee Simpson might be getting these days are likely to address the ways that her body has changed since her original procedures.

Or, perhaps, she’s simply addressing things that have been bugging her for some time. Much like the results of cosmetic surgery, your body is not static. It changes. And as your body changes, you might find yourself wanting to make more alterations to it. Patients should feel free to do so, whether they’ve had other plastic surgery procedures in the past or not. Did Ashlee Simpson get more plastic surgery? Maybe. And if she did, she’s certainly not alone.

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