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Summary: A lot of women are concerned about their apperance after a mastectomy surgery, but cosmetic surgeons can reconstruct your breasts to look the same or better than before you had your procedure.

Enough is Enough

Life after a mastectomy can be hard. The emotional and physical side effects from surviving breast cancer can be jarring on your spirit, but the way you look after your surgery is something you no longer have to worry about. With breast reconstruction procedures, doctors can improve your appearance from both the front view and your profile.  Don’t suffer in silence thinking that your post-mastectomy look is one that you are stuck with. Your cosmetic surgeon can repair and restore you to a beautiful state similar to or even better than before. You worry about kicking cancers butt, and leave the rest up to the doctors.

Choices, Choices

There is no one “best” way to reconstruct a breast. Your body shape and anatomy will determine which choice will be right for you. There is a traditional breast reconstruction than will use fat, muscle and tissue from your body to reconstruct the area, or you have the option of having an implant put in to fill out the area. With implants, you can chose the size you want before surgery to assure that you are getting the post-op look you desire. This volume can be similar to your pre-op state, or smaller or bigger depending on your desires. Many women use this opportunity to enhance the size of their breasts, but it is not necessary. Your choices will be discusses at length with your surgeon to make sure that all of your fears and concerns are addressed before you go through yet another procedure. This can be a difficult time for women, and it’s important to be open with your communication so that this experience can help you and prove to be a positive experience.

Your Two Implant Choices

The implant route will leave you with one major decision: saline, or silicone. The filler placed in your implant will directly determine your ultimate results. Both materials come with its own set of pros and cons. Below is a quick overview so you can educate yourself before having this conversation with your surgeon:

SILICONE PROS: More natural look and feel, less “fake” looking overall. More real to the touch.
SILICONE CONS: Silicone is not able to be absorbed by the body. If there is a rupture, the material will leak into the breast cavity and sit there, making therupture harder to detect.
SALINE PROS: Saline is harmless and easily absorbed by the body. Ruptures are highly detectable and the material is safer.
SALINE CONS: Saline doesn’t mimic natural look and feel as well as silicone can. Results may not be as natural as those achievable with silicone.

There is no “right” choice when it comes to implant materials. What will determine which is best for you is your pre-op size and shape, and your desired final results. Your surgeon will work closely with you to make sure that you are fully educated before making your decision.

You’re A Survivor

You owe it to yourself to look into breast reconstruction. Your recovery process has been hard enough. It is so important to realize that you are not alone, and cosmetic surgeons in your area are here to help you achieve a beautiful look that will restore you to a beautiful state. Whether you decide to return to your pre-cancer look or use the opportunity to enhance your appearance, doctors will explain to you the best way to achieve the results you desire. Educate yourself on all of your options and take a chance. You’re a survivor, your beautiful, and your breasts will soon follow suit.

To learn more about breast reconstruction visit Milwaukee Plastic Surgeon – Dr. Mark W. Bosbous.

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