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a couple on the beach; is beauty matching a thing now?

Summary: Some new headlines have us wondering: is Beauty Matching a thing? Maybe you haven’t heard of this trend, but it’s essentially the practice of going in to see the surgeon and getting the same plastic surgery they are. You both go in and get blepharoplasty. Or you both go in and get a tummy tuck. It might seem counterintuitive, but this practice is actually catching on. We discuss why that might be!

Is Beauty Matching a Thing Now?

When we first heard about it, we had to stop and ask: is beauty matching a thing people are really interested in? I mean, how much support is there for this particular trend? Because by its very nature, Beauty Matching does not seem like the kind of thing that is going to catch on in any significant sort of fashion.

What is Beauty Matching? Simply put, Beauty Matching is the process by which couples undergo similar plastic surgery procedures in order to achieve similar results. The concept itself is relatively harmless when you’re talking about getting similar haircuts. Or selecting similar makeup.

But it’s another matter entirely when you’re discussing plastic and cosmetic surgery. Apparently, the trend is taking off in Beirut and Dubai, though I wouldn’t be shocked to see it get progressively more popular the world over. I’m not entirely sure that would be a good thing, and we can discuss why below. Is Beauty Matching a thing? It seems so–we just have to see if it catches on.

The Appeal of Beauty Matching

We can start by discussing the appeal of this particular practice. The idea of “Beauty Matching” is essentially that you and your significant other, partner, or what-have-you will end up looking a little more like each other.

To be fair, this isn’t something that’s entirely new thanks to plastic surgery. Any time you share a space with someone, share meals, share habits, you’re likely to start resembling that person in some way. Granted, this doesn’t have to happen, but it often does.

The appeal of Beauty Matching surgery is often articulated like this:

  • Couples will often request procedures together–which can then be performed together
  • It’s not always that the couples want to look more like one another–sometimes it’s that they simply want to address similar areas
  • The end results can leave patients feeling confident and happy

For those who are genuinely interested in this kind of beauty matching procedure, the trend is welcome news. But, there are some drawbacks that I can immediately see.

The Drawbacks of Beauty Matching

It’s already difficult enough to tell when someone doesn’t want plastic surgery. There is a lot of pressure to look a certain way. And when that pressure comes from family members, partners, or significant others, it doesn’t always lead to healthy decisions about plastic surgery. That’s why we always emphasize that you should get plastic surgery for you–and for no one else.

When you’re one half of the “Beauty Matching” pair, there are even more pressures to undergo a certain procedure. And you might not even be aware of those pressures. So, the whole idea of Beauty Matching introduces another pressure under which someone might elect to have a procedure they don’t actually want.

And even though they try, it can be exceptionally difficult for surgeons to really tell the difference.

Finding a Solution for Couples Who Do Want Surgery Together

Yet, there is something to be said for the appeal of getting a procedure with a loved one. There are plenty of stories of mothers and daughters getting surgery. On the other end of the spectrum, Botox parties are exceptionally popular. In other words, people might enjoy introducing a social aspect to plastic surgery.

And that’s fine. But we need to be really careful. Going to the plastic surgeon together is fine, I think, so long as you aren’t totally set on getting exactly the same procedures. You have to undergo the procedure that’s going to work for you–not the one that’s going to work for someone else.

Two people might experience rejuvenation in completely different ways. Maybe one patient will require a breast lift and the other might need a tummy tuck. Both patients getting a tummy tuck would be counterproductive.

Happy in the End

There are two significant keys to satisfaction after a plastic surgery procedure:

  • Going in with realistic expectations
  • Getting the procedure you truly want

In many ways, it’s not quite as simple as it sounds. To be sure, there’s nothing inherently bad or wrong about Beauty Matching. I just worry that it muddies the waters by adding a little bit more peer pressure to any consultation. Are you getting the procedure for yourself or so as not to disappoint your partner?

As long as those questions can be articulated and discussed in a public setting, I suppose Beauty Matching is no different from any other plastic surgery procedure. Is Beauty Matching a thing? For now, a little bit yeah. But hopefully it won’t ever be the thing. I suppose only time will tell.

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