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Summary: Everyone loves the CBS comedy The Big Bang Theory, even if their main reason for tuning in is just because of the hot girl-next-door Penny, played by breast augmentation enthusiast Kaley Cuoco.

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Kaley Cuoco Knows Implants

The biggest comedy on TV right now is without a doubt The Big Bang Theory. Everyone loves listening to awkward brainiac Sheldon Cooper’s one-liners, but what they like looking at is something different all together: the gang’s hot next door neighbor Penny, played by uber-hot star Kaley Cuoco. It has been rumored for years that Cuoco had undergone breast augmentation when she was just a teen, but the rumors are finally being confirmed. Kaley admits that she got breast implants when she was 18 and has been quoted as saying it was “the best decision (she’s) ever made.”

Big Bang, Big Breasts

There are many, many celebrities today who have chosen breast augmentation, but maybe not any as relatable and likeable as Kaley Cuoco. The star represents girls who are going against the more commonly “”superficial” side of plastic surgery- the side that says a comfortable, realistic size implant can enhance your body without making you look or appear fake. Cuoco had no intention of altering her body to any extreme when she selected implants which would give her a manageable 34C bra size on her slender frame. Everyone knows Cuoco’s breasts are one of the things that have people drooling over her, but the fact that she was able to keep it just a “rumor” for so long proves that her inconspicuous “boob job” was for herself and no one else.

How to Be like Kaley Cuoco

If you are interested in natural looking breasts, many women choose silicone implants. They were controversial for many years, but the FDA has recently approved them for all breast augmentation patients over the age of 22. Many people believe that silicone is the only way for the following reasons:

  • Silicone implants are pre-filled with a silicone gel that resembles the feel of human fat. Most women like that silicone breast implants look and feel more like their own natural breast tissue.
  • If silicone implants are ever to rupture, many wont even notice. Unlike saline which will leak into your body, typically silicone stays within its implant shell.
  • Most silicone breast implants are a “set-fill” meaning that their volume is already predetermined. This means that you will know exactly what size you are getting before your surgery, and there is no way you could end up with more or less than desired.

The Hot Girl Next Door (with Implants)

If you are interested in implant procedures, Minneapolis breast augmentation experts like those at Minneapolis Plastic Surgery, LTD. suggest that you speak one-on-one with a board certified plastic surgeon before going under the knife. Once you have discussed your surgical desires with a doctor, you will be on your way to achieving a sexy, realistic look, just like Kaley Cuoco! Remember: no matter what size implant you choose, whether it be large or small, you should own your look and be confident like Kaley!

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