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When researching surgeons to perform your first (or next) cosmetic procedure, chances are you will hear the phrase “board certified” used a lot. It sounds professional, but what does it really mean? How important is it really that your cosmetic surgeon is “board certified?” There are a number of things that make a great doctor, but being board certified can mean the difference between an effective surgery and one that is much less successful… sometimes even devastating.

board certified plastic surgeon

What Makes a Surgeon Board Certified?

In the video below you will meet Dr. Douglas Gervais, a board certified plastic surgeon in Minneapolis who received a good portion of his education in his home state of Minnesota. Dr. Gervais explains that during his process of becoming board certified, he  was trained with the most up to date technology available, and learned the most cutting edge and advanced techniques we know of today. Knowing that someone has gone through the board certification process gives insight into the training and examinations that a surgeon has completed in his specialty field. The board certification process includes many exams, assessments, and course requirements to assure that your surgeon is the best in the business.

Meeting the MPS, LTD Surgical Staff

Minneapolis Plastic Surgery, LTD, located in Minneapolis, Minnesota, is home to 2 board certified cosmetic surgeons. Dr. Gervais, who you can meet in this page’s embedded video, and Dr. Richard Tholen, a surgeon with over 20 years of experience in the field of cosmetic surgery. Dr. Tholen has helped thousands of people feel more beautiful and confident through successful cosmetic surgery, including repairing the cleft palates of many children through his work with Operation Smile International and Children’s Surgery International.

Minnesota Grown Cosmetic Surgery

The surgeons and support staff at Minneapolis Plastic Surgery, LTD pride themselves on their professionalism, as well as their Minnesota values. Confidentiality, respect, and full disclosure are just a few of the traits that Dr. Gervais and Dr. Tholen hold to the highest regard.

The surgeons at Minneapolis Plastic Surgery, LTD, also take the time to educate their patients and earn their trust. Consultations are free of charge, and you will not be pressured at any point to move forward with a procedure that you are on the fence about. This time also gives the doctor insight into your needs, desires, and expectations. When it comes to making decisions about plastic surgery, the more you know the better. Knowledge is power in any situation, especially when it comes to making decisions that affect your face and body.

From your free consolation and education session to your post-operative care, the doctors at MPS, LTD. will make sure that your entire surgical experience from start to finish is unlike any other.

Learn More Today

If you are interested in learning more about either of the board certified cosmetic surgeons mentioned above, their credentials, or their practice, the Minneapolis Plastic Surgery, LTD website is always available for visit at

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