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Summary: Botox is easily the most popular procedure on the planet—not just in the United States. Why is that? What exactly does Botox offer that people can’t get from other procedures? That’s a question that’s worth investigating, so let’s take a look at what Botox did in 2016 and what it might yet do.

Taking Stock of Botox in 2016

There’s no doubt that one of the most popular plastic surgery procedures of all time is also a pretty darn simple one: Botox. A Botox injection, when performed by a highly trained medical professional, can be accomplished totally in less than thirty minutes. This means you can be in and out in about the same time it takes to get your lunch break in.

It’s no wonder, then, that Botox is a remarkably popular procedure. You get in quick, get great results, and then get out. But what will Botox look like for the rest of this year? After all, 2016 is already on the way out. So what will we say about Botox in 2016? What will the main Botox in 2016 story be? Well, it can be difficult to tell. But that’s not going to stop us from trying!

You should take everything with a bit of a grain of salt, however. The year’s not over yet, so we’re just taking some of our best guesses.

What Botox Accomplished in 2016

It should perhaps first be noted that Botox did what it does best in 2016. It made a lot of people look a little bit younger. It eliminated some lines and some wrinkles, and it helped people feel great about the way they look. That’s the main goal of Botox injections (mostly).

Botox treats a particular kind of wrinkle—those caused by muscle contractions. And it’s remarkably effective at numbing those muscles so that the wrinkle goes away. The end result is a face that looks significantly more youthful. But that’s not all that Botox in 2016 was used for.

Other uses for Botox include the following:

  • Treating Migraines: Some evidence shows that Botox is actually pretty good at treating the symptoms of migraines. For those not in the know, a migraine is an incredibly intense headache. It’s difficult to pin down precisely what causes them and, therefore, it’s hard to effectively treat the symptoms. Botox seems to help for some patients.
  • Treating Depression: Among the many uses for Botox in 2016 seems to be treating clinical Depression. This was discovered mostly by accident, and it’s still being researched, but there is some evidence that Botox injections can help with the symptoms of Depression in the long run.
  • Treating Excessive Sweating: Excessive and uncontrollable sweating can be a big deal. Treating it usually takes surgery. But Botox is actually one of the few non surgical options available to patients. It doesn’t work for everyone, but for those patients who have shown success with Botox, it’s a great treatment option.

What Did Botox Not Do in 2016?

That said, Botox wasn’t able to do everything in 2016. There are some things that Botox just isn’t capable of doing. First foremost, that’s adding volume. Botox often gets confused with other injectables—mostly dermal fillers.

Fillers actually provide lift and volume beneath the skin. That’s not something that Botox can do. Fillers actually treat wrinkles in a way that is totally different from what Botox does. That’s why fillers are actually pretty versatile in their own way. There is no Botox nose job, for instance, but there is a non surgical nose job (the name is often conflated for the sake of convenience).

That said, fillers in 2016 also so a big rise in use—just like Botox in 2016.

Looking Forward to 2017

It’s obvious that cosmetic surgery patients are incredibly interested in achieving great results with minimal interruptions to their daily lives. Botox gives them the ability to do just that. So as we look to Botox not only in 2016 but to Botox in 2017, one thing we can count on is that Botox should continue to be convenient.

As Botox is used as a treatment for other issues, we’ll continue to see its use rise. In the last year, there was no procedure more popular than Botox. But that doesn’t mean it won’t get even more popular! So we’ll see what Botox brings us in 2017. Our guess—and to be fair, we may have some bias—is that we’ll see even more wonderful offerings from this product.

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