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Summary: Minneapolis breast augmentation specialists agree: the new trend in bigger bust lines is influenced by plastic surgery.


Exciting News

In one of the most incredible studies of late, The Huffington Post reported: “American Bra Size Average Increases from 34B to 34DD In Just 20 Years.” This is huge news for any of us that are interested in plastic surgery, because augmentation and implants is implied to have a huge role in this dramatic increase. Weight increases affect this study as well, but let’s just talk about the fun stuff, am I right?

Time After Time

In just 2 decades, the average size of women’s breasts has increased from a very tasteful, subtle 34B to a bodacious, luscious 34DD. This timeline matches up nicely with the huge influx of women undergoing breast augmentation surgery over the last 20 years or so. There’s no denying that plastic surgery plays a large role in the way that we approach bra size in America. If breast implants and plastic surgery are changing things this dramatically, imagine what the surgery could do for YOU.

A Truly Rewarding Experience

Breast augmentation is a fun form of plastic surgery because it is just as rewarding as it is glamorous. Not only will your appearance be changed, but many, many women report that they also feel different after implants – some even go as far as to say they feel “more like a woman.” Filling out a swim suit top or dress may not sound like much to some of us, but to others it speaks to their entire identity. While some want to write off implants as “superficial,” those who really know what’s up understand the impact that it can have on some women. Don’t write off surgery because of haters… if you think that implants could change your life, we are here to firmly agree.

Ask an Expert

Minneapolis breast augmentation specialists Dr. Richard H. Tholen and Dr. Douglas L. Gervais have over 35 years of combined cosmetic surgery experience, and over those 35 years have given A LOT of women a new found confidence due in part to their new implants. Experts like this are the perfect resource for educating yourself on plastic surgery. If you want to experience an amazing transformation, look into breast augmentation today. A board certified plastic surgeon will talk you through the entire process, and explain how you can follow the national trend of going from a simple B to a buxom DD in no time.

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