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breast augmentation for athletes

Summary: Breast augmentation for athletes isn’t necessarily anything new. People of all walks of life have been known to be interested in breast augmentation procedures and breast implants. But athletes do require a little bit of extra care, due in large part to the ratio of incredibly toned muscles to skin. The goal of surgery is, after all, to blend in with body’s natural contours.

The Benefits of Breast Augmentation for Athletes

Breast augmentation for athletes requires a little extra thought and attention—both from the patient and from the surgeon. To be sure, we’re defining “athlete” pretty loosely. We’re not strictly talking about professional athletes or those who spend 40 hours a week working out.

Rather, we’re discussing anybody that has a particularly toned and fit body. That certainly includes professional athletes. But it also includes many more people. Breast augmentation can be particularly appealing for athletes for several reasons, but it’s important to remember that a highly qualified surgical opinion is required to move forward.

In other words, all decisions about breast augmentation should be made between you and your surgeon. That said, the basic motivations that make breast augmentation appealing for athletes aren’t all that different from anyone else. Let’s take a look at what those motivations might be.

Why Get an Augmentation?

We tend to look at fitness as the ultimate accomplishment in body sculpting. Someone who is fit, then, should be perfectly happy with the way they look, shouldn’t they? To be sure, this kind of assumption is not entirely fair. It’s not uncommon for people—of any body type—to doubts about their appearance.

For athletes, who are used to sculpting their bodies using exercise, the notion of surgery can be particularly frustrating. After all, they’re used to their bodies responding to simple commands, to changing in the appropriate ways. But there’s no practical way to increase the size of your bust using exercise.

In fact, there are some reasons why athletes might be particularly interested in getting a breast augmentation procedure:

  • Athletes tend to have less fat on their bodies than most people. In some ways this is good, but breasts tend to be largely composed of fat. This means that as the athlete becomes more fit, the breasts may diminish in size.
  • The diminishing breast tissue can make it difficult to maintain the body proportion that athletes are looking for. Indeed, sometimes the athletic activity itself can make this challenging
  • Generally, athletes are careful not to increase the size of the bust to the point where it may interfere with their athletic performance; rather, they’re just looking to moderate their proportions.

Challenges for Athletes

A toned muscular body doesn’t leave many places to hide. What I mean by that is simply that plastic surgery on athletes requires a skilled hand and extensive experience. That’s because such muscular and fit bodies are rather unforgiving. That’s especially true with procedures such as breast augmentation.

That’s why size selection is such an important part of the process for athletes. As mentioned above, most athletes are careful not to select breast implant sizes that will interfere with their ability to perform athletically. However, proportions of the body are also important. If you’re an athlete, this is definitely one area where you’ll want to consult with your surgeon—especially if your surgeon has experience treating athletes such as yourself.

Not Always an Augmentation

It’s also important to note that a breast augmentation is not always the way in which athletes might sculpt their bodies. Many athletic individuals will opt instead to get a breast reduction or a breast lift. In some rare cases, a breast reduction may even help improve overall performance.

Find the Procedure that Fits With Your Lifestyle

Ultimately, whether you get a breast augmentation, reduction, or life, you’re going to want to settle on a procedure that takes into account (and enhances) your lifestyle. And that’s something that’s easy to discount. After all, many people assume that plastic surgery is really only about finding something that will work with your body.

But your lifestyle is almost just as important. Because your lifestyle is essentially what you’ll be doing with your body. That’s an important consideration when deciding whether to get a breast augmentation. According to the website of the Orange County female plastic surgeon Dr. Tenley Lawton (who specializes in women’s transformation), much of this will be discussed during a consultation with the surgeon.

In the case of athletes, for example, it’s not uncommon for surgeons to recommend silicone implants because they tend to be quite robust. In other cases, the new so-called “gummy bear” implants are preferred (although these are basically a new version of silicone implants).

Finding the right size, shape, and material is all about looking at your body and what you’ll be doing with that body. Breast augmentation for athletes, in that way, is not terribly different from breast augmentation for the rest of us: in the end it’s all about happy patients.

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  1. As a person with quite fit body i was looking for breast augmentation – but finally at my consultation at Forme clinic i changed my mind and i decided for breast lift, however my breasts were just little down and i was happy with the size. Now i am happy i did not go for BA, somehow i feel better than there is not anything plastic in my body. My breasts look firm and that is what dr. Hyza helped me to achieved. I am very pleased.

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