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Summary: Breast augmentation can do many things, such as improve your look and give you more self-confidence. What’s another major benefit of the surgery? It can spice up your sex life. Real Housewives star Bethenny Frankel agrees.

Spice It Up

Breast augmentation can do a lot for a woman’s self-esteem. Whether it is getting breast implants to increase self-confidence, or a breast reduction surgery to feel more confident and perky, there is no doubt that your chest has a lot to do with how you feel about yourself. Perfecting your breasts (by lifting, augmenting, or repairing) can spice things up in the bedroom. This fact has been true for years, and now it has celebrity endorsement: Real Housewives of New York break out star, Bethenny Frankel.

A Famous Endorsement

Bethenny, like many women who have undergone some sort of augmentation procedure, has a very personal attachment to her story. After losing a significant amount of weight her breasts began to sag. After adding an implant that was too big for her liking, she had them removed and opted for a breast lift instead. She now says she’s right where she wants to be, and her sex life is following suit. “I feel a little hotter,” Frankel said in a recent interview. “When I could afford to get them lifted I did feel much better.”

To anyone who follows Miami breast augmentation trends, this comes as no surprise. A recent study of women who have gotten breast implants reported that these women said that their sex lives improved by up to 2 points on a 1-10 scale, sighting new found confidence and feeling sexy as reasons why. No matter what breast procedure you undergo, your results will provide you with these positive benefits and more.

You’ve Got Options

  • Breast Implants: Implants can improve the size subtly or dramatically depending on your desires. Larger, fuller, more symmetrical breasts can make a women feel confident like a sex kitten.
  • Breast Reduction: For women whose breasts are too large, a reduction can help lift them and make them perkier and more firm. This can add an instant dose of self-confidence to a woman wanting to look good in a bikini or tighter shirts.
  • Breast Lift: Breast lifts are great for women who are aging and experiencing sagging. This sagging can also happen as a result of pregnancy. Almost all women (and men!) agree that the best breasts are those that are lifted and perky, and a lift can accomplish just that.
  • Breast Reconstruction: If you are a cancer survivor who has undergone a mastectomy, you deserve to feel sexy and beautiful again. With breast reconstruction surgery, a combination of any of the above procedures may be performed to give you a sexy chest like the one you had before (or even better!)

Hot Sex Can Be Yours

Bethenny Frankel knows what most of us know: the key to steaming up things in the bedroom is confidence, confidence, and more confidence! Most women identify their own sexuality with their physical appearance and a lot of that in our culture is centered on breasts! If you want to experience mind blowing sex like Bethenny and millions of other women, ask your Miami cosmetic surgeon about the various forms of breast augmentation and which procedure may be right for you!

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