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Summary: Why is breast augmentation the most popular plastic surgery procedure when there are so many other procedures that might appeal to people? Isn’t it time for liposuction’s day in the sun? Or facelift’s? Well, it’s not a contest (not like that anyway). There are actually a significant number of reasons why breast augmentation is the most popular plastic surgery procedures according to the ASPS. Let’s take a look at what some of those reasons might be!

Why is Breast Augmentation the Most Popular Plastic Surgery Again?

The statistics are out, and according to the ASPS, breast augmentation was the most popular plastic surgery procedure of 2017. But why? Why is breast augmentation the most popular plastic surgery procedure when there are so many other options out there, including breast lift or facelift or blepharoplasty? I mean, there are no shortage of options out there.

This is certainly not breast augmentation’s first year on the top of the list. There are few procedures that have been as popular as often as breast augmentation. From its introduction decades ago, the procedure has often been at the top of the “most popular” lists.

Understanding why that is becomes important because it’s not like the breast augmentation has not changed in all that time. In fact, it’s one of those procedures that has innovated rapidly in order to meet demand. So know why it’s popular today is incredibly important in order to anticipate the popularity of breast augmentation tomorrow. Why is breast augmentation the most popular plastic surgery? Let’s find out!

Meeting Demand

First and foremost, we need to acknowledge that there’s a certain social force driving this popularity. Larger breasts carry with them a certain social currency. That’s not to say that larger breasts are going to equal popularity or success or that everyone should get them. But there are certainly socially influenced reasons why someone with smaller breasts might feel self-conscious or somehow held back.

So there’s certainly a demand for these procedures. And some of that demand is due to social forces within our culture that define what beauty happens to be. It’s not inconceivable that, at some point, or society will deem a flatter chest to be more attractive. Should that trend last long enough, the days of breast augmentation could be over.

Granted, that kind of seismic social shift is difficult to predict.

Aligning Proportions and Improving Symmetry

In many cases, breast augmentation procedures are not necessarily motivated by a desire for overly large breasts. Most patients, instead, are looking to achieve a certain body proportion. The celebrity Iggy Azalea, for example, famously underwent a breast augmentation in order to bring her hips, rear, and bust into a better alignment, proportionally speaking.

That’s not uncommon. In part, that’s because we also live in an age in which larger, rounder bottoms are widely considered to be attractive.

Achieving a certain body proportion or shape is often only part of the appeal of breast augmentation. Many patients are also trying to achieve a greater degree of symmetry. That’s because nature tends not to be symmetrical. And for certain patients this can be quite deflating when one breast is noticeably larger or smaller than the other. A breast augmentation procedure can help patients achieve that symmetry.

Improvements in Implants

And, of course, we’d be remiss if we didn’t talk about the way that implants have improved in recent years. While they still aren’t a perfect simulation of natural breasts, there have never been implants that look and feel more natural than they do today. In large part that’s because of the so-called “gummy bear” implant that is, essentially, one of the premiere choices in terms of silicone implants.

And while saline implants are sometimes still used, silicone implants are by far the most popular option among both patients and surgeons.

Not Something You Can Achieve via Diet or Exercise

That brings us to our final reason why breast augmentation might be as popular as it is: this is not a change you can effect with diet or exercise no matter how hard you try. To a certain degree, I think that’s what it ultimately comes down to.

If you want to lose weight, there are things you can actively do in your life to achieve that goal. Some people prefer this route to body contouring surgery, for example. But if you want larger breasts or more symmetrical breasts, there’s not much you can do other than seek out surgery. Diet and exercise simply cannot change that part of your body.

Why is breast augmentation the most popular plastic surgery procedure? Much has to do with the social dynamic–the role that we place on breasts and how they interact with definitions of attractiveness, femininity, and beauty.

But that’s not the whole story. There are improvements in the implants themselves and the fact that if you really want larger breasts, there’s only one real viable option to achieve that result: breast augmentation surgery.

One response to “Why is Breast Augmentation the Most Popular Plastic Surgery?

  1. I think this is the surgery type what will always be the most popular. I do not why but most of the womens consider breasts for very important part of their body. And more beautiful breasts they have they feel more self confident. It is actually even my situation. I had breast augmentation done few months ago just because my breast looked saggy and were no more firm. I missed that good feeling about myself. I underwent the surgery actually in Czech republic because it was cheaper than here in UK. But i am glad for traveling. It is not too far anyway and i got very professional care at Forme clinic some people would never really expect from this country. My breast look very good and finally have that firm look and that is what i needed to be happy.

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