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Summary: Minnesota woman battles breast cancer from MN to AZ and finds herself feeling and looking good with the help of some great doctors, surgeries and brave decisions.

My name is Susan Sokol-Adamson and I’d like to tell my story. I am 63 years old. A year ago I was diagnosed with Breast Cancer.  Due to complications, what could have been a fairly simple lumpectomy resulted in a much more drawn out scenario.

susan sokol adamson

A Snowbird Scenario

As we spend summers in MN  that is where my surgery was done.  The staff and my surgeon, Dr. Margit Bretzke, at Virginia Piper and Abbott in Mpls were first class all the way.  Through Minnesota Oncology and Dr. Nicole Hartung, I was referred to Dr Alice Tsai at Ironwood Cancer & Research Center in Chandler AZ for my  ensuing radiation treatments.  We spend the winters in Chandler AZ and therefore chose to continue my treatment journey in the sunshine!  Dr Tsai is a wonderful Radiologist Oncologist.  It was through her that I was reffered to  Dr. Emese Kalnoki-Kis of Mesa, AZ.

The Amazing KK

Dr. KK (Dr. Emese Kalnoki-Kis) is known for her amazing work with breast cancer patients. She is a plastic surgeon and has done amazing things with mastectomies as well as other breast issues.  As Dr KK had been watching the progression of my healing we had determined to go ahead with a surgery to correct some issues with my breast.  I asked her at that point to consider doing an abdominoplasty along with my breast surgery.  It was something I had been wanting to do for some time and I felt with everything I had gone through the last year I needed to do something for me.  I looked at her portfolio and liked what I saw so I decided to bravely move forward.

I am back in MN for the summer and now eight weeks out since my surgery.  It is the best thing I did “just for me”.  I have been fortunate in that I experienced very little pain but typical discomfort in the healing process.  The outcome is outstanding and no longer am   “in search of my belly button” and do not start my day getting out of the shower and  thinking…I wish I could  get rid of my “Baby Belly”…she did that for me and I feel and look amazing…(my breast surgery has been put off for another six months to give it more time to heal from the radiation), but my tummy is gone!

Live, Love, Golf!

I am back golfing and doing everything I love … so if any of you are thinking of treating yourself…go for it, you deserve it!  Thanks to all my wonderful Doctors in Minneapolis MN, Chandler and Mesa AZ for the excellent level of care I received!

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  1. Hi, Just found you on my friends site, sorry to hear about your cancer, but very very happy and thanking GOD for your wonderful recovery, I went thru your pics and saw Richard. I would like to know how he is doing. He is such a sweet guy. And I pray he is still with you….so glad to see your family pics…God Bless

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