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Summary: When most people think of breast implants, they often immediately think in terms of size, but implant profile can also have a significant influence on the results of your breast augmentation.


It’s no secret that breasts come in all different shapes and sizes, so of course breast implants must as well. Choosing different breast implant profiles is one way to create very different looks even in implants of the same volume. In addition to cosmetic appearance, profile choice also depends largely on your natural anatomy. Here is an in-depth look at traditional round implant profile options.

Moderate Profile

Moderate profile implants have a wide base and minimal projection. Moderate profiles can increase your breast size by up to one and a half cups and tend to give a very natural look in the right candidates. Because moderate profile implants occupy more space on the chest wall, they are especially ideal for women with wide chests, adding volume to your breasts without an obviously augmented look and with minimal upper pole fullness.

Moderate Plus Profile

Moderate plus profile implants have a slightly greater projection than moderate implants and a moderate base width, and can generally increase your breast size by around two full cups. Moderate plus profile breast implants are a popular choice specifically because they offer a happy medium between the modest moderate and more dramatic high profile.

A moderate plus profile offers a more enhanced silhouette than a moderate profile and some upper pole fullness, which can be ideal for creating cleavage. Because these implants still have a moderate base width, their appearance remains quite natural, and the greater projection means that slender-chested patients may be able to achieve the look they want with a smaller volume than they originally had in mind.

High Profile

High profile implants have the most projection with the smallest base width. High profile implants, when sitting on a table, are often taller than they are wide, and can increase cup size significantly. These implants are popular for creating a look that definitively accentuates the breasts by providing pronounced upper pole fullness.

Not everyone is a good candidate for high profile implants, which are best for women with a narrow chest wall and little existing breast tissue. This is because an implant with a wider base could overwhelm the appearance of a slim, narrow-chested woman by spanning her entire chest. Additionally, women with little distance between the inframammary fold (the natural crease under the breasts) and the collar bones may achieve the best results with high profile implants because the narrow base won’t cause the breasts to seem unnaturally high.

However, broad chested women might not be able to achieve the look they want with high profile implants because the breasts will not have the popular “side fullness” effect.

Choosing Your Best Look

When it comes to making your final choice for breast implant profile, there isn’t one option that’s best for every woman. Instead, discuss your goals at length with your surgeon in order to clearly communicate your hopes for surgery. An implant profile that’s not ideally suited to your natural anatomy could lead to malposition, one of the primary signs that a breast implant revision surgery could be necessary later on. This possibility is greatly decreased by taking time to consider all your options before surgery, including implant profile. Anatomically shaped implants are also available and can be considered to achieve the desired result.

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